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Fall tag questions and answers

Autumn is my favourite season, a chance to get some beautiful sunsets and warm autumn days, but also the crisp weather with cosy knits and getting the boots out again. Here’s a little bit more about my feelings about autumn with my Fall tag questions and answers.

fall tag - bubbablue and me
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1, Which two things tell you that the fall season has begun?

Changing leaf colours and back to school.

2, What do you love about autumn?

Brambling for blackberries, and living off apple crumble for puddings.  The beautiful sunsets and misty mornings. Indian summers. Sitting under blankets in front of the wood burner.

3, What do you dislike about the season?

The darker nights coming in, the rain, having to put away my flip flops and get the slippers out.

4, Share your best memory for the autumn season?

Going on an annual visit to kick leaves and pick sweet chestnuts at Virginia Water. I even once had a birthday treat to visit there – my 6 or 7 year old friends must have thought I was a bit weird!

5, What is your favourite scent for the fall season?


6, Apple bobbing or toffee apples?

Apple bobbing all the way. I’m not keen on toffee, although I don’t mind candy apples

7, Halloween – love or hate?

Dislike.  I don’t mind a Halloween party with kids, but hate dressing up and don’t agree with Trick or Treating.

8, What’s your favourite autumn food?

Anything warming, like sausage and mash, or apple and blackberry crumble and custard

9, Thanksgiving – celebrate or not?

I’m in the UK, so not.

10, What’s your go to fashion in the autumn?

Jeans as always, layers and boots.

11, Which place do you love to visit in the autumn season?

Any arboretum, Batsford or Virginia Water for a walk around to see the changing leave colours, kick leaves and enjoy the cooler weather

12, Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice in the fall?

I’m not really a candle fan, so would say fairy lights, although the OH will turn them off and take them down

13, Pumpkin picking from the fields or the supermarket?

From the fields.

14, What’s your pumpkin carving of choice?

We do like a scary face, although I’ll happily try funky logos or words

15, Real fire or central heating?

Real fire – we have a wood burner

16, Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favourite?

Apple pie.  I’m not a pumpkin fan.

17, Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm?

I prefer being cold to being hot, and I don’t feel the cold too much. I get too hot in big thick jumpers and hats.

18, Do you have any specific traditions to celebrate the fall season?

No. Although we do like to go out brambling, and I love bonfire night with all the fireworks.

19, Share your favourite quote related to the autumn.

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness

To Autumn by John Keats

It reminds me of learning the poem by heart in primary school.

Autumn is my favourite time of year. If you want to join in with your thoughts, you can use the fall tag questions and answers. Let me know if you join in.

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  1. Ohhhhh, i just LOVE Autumn and it’s just starting to arrive now. Love the cooler, fresher days, the leaves changing colour and being able to kick them on the ground. Not ready for the darker evenings yet, dark by 7.30 is just too early at the moment as the outdoor archery season hasn’t ended yet but it’s creeping up so quickly now.

  2. I love autumn too. I like how it starts off creeping in and then all of a sudden there’s an explosion of colour. December is just about my favourite month of the year but the end of August/start of September is definitely the beginning of my favourite time of year.


    1. Ah yes, the colours are just magnificent if we get them. And picking your own fruit for crumbles. Once the rain comes that’s not so good, but the rest is lovely.

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