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Green fingered children – start them gardening young

I’m not a fan of gardening.  Never have been and never likely to be. This year I’ve actually managed to grow tomatoes.  Loads of them, but I’m still waiting for them to turn red. And as I write this, we’re on holidays leaving the OH behind because of harvest.  When we return I’m expecting the tomatoes to have severely suffered drought as he won’t water them. I will be gutted.

But my theory is that starting N young and trying to get him intrrested in gardening can only be a good thing. Can’t say it worked with me, but here’s hoping the interest skipped a generation and he’ll pick it up from the in laws.

We have been spending a bit of time in the evenings, just sorting bits out but kostly just involving watering, tying up the drooping tomato plant pieces and trimming back. N loves water so anytime the watering can comes out, he’s there.

He’ll use anyrhing to hand. Children’s watering can, watee bottle (filled up from the cloakroom sink as he can reach that tap) or even a sandcastle bucket.

watering garden with dog in tow

Then of course there’s the tomatoes. Thankfully he’s largely steered clear of drowning them. But the other day I was advised to chop the unnecessary bits off to try and get the tomatoes to redden.  So there was a veritable jungle of tomato plants to trim.   I cut them off and just dumped them in a corner of the garden but then persuaded N we could use his gator to transport them to the brown wheely bin by the farm entrance.

N was happy to pick up all the plants, and pop them in his gator. He wouldn’t let me help…result!

picking up tomato offcuts

Back he kept going until it was full.

loading tomato plant offcuts

We left them for a day, then I decided we needed to go and recycle some bits too so a trip to the gate was required? The gator came in handy again.

gator gardening work

sorting tomato plant offcuts

using the brown garden waste bin

He might not be into the growing side, but at least the clearing up bit is helpful. I think he just needs a bit more teaining off Granny and Gramps.

Are your children into gardening? How do you encourage them?

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  1. I keep meaning to do vegetables with The Boy, but every time we attempt seedlings they die. Maybe I should sow them straight into the ground? Great to see Bubba exploring the process.

    Nipping over from #LetKidsBeKids

    1. I know what you mean. I was astounded the tomatoes actually grew…just a shame they’re still green. Maybe next year I’ll try something else too. Strawberries last year failed immensely and our sunflowers got chomped as soon as they were planted out.

  2. Aw it’s great that he wants to help. He looks so cute filling his Gator and taking it to the bin etc. I hope it continues 😉
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  3. aww i love when my kids help me with things, i think its great for them to start early too. x

  4. You really do have to start them young. I loved helping my parents with the gardening as I was growing up and LP has already started helping me where she can 🙂 x

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