You can’t beat the old classic stories, and Wizard of Oz brings up some great memories for me – village fetes and our estate dressing up a float and ourselves as the Emerald City and the yellow brick road.  I love the old classic film, but this month  sees the release of an animated film The Guardians of Oz.

Guardians of Oz DVD

It’s a brand new story and movie, set in the world of Oz, so you can relive the journey back there and watch your children’s excitement as they discover the magic of the city of Oz.  The film has all the favourite characters including the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin Man (which one was your favourite? Mine was the scarecrow).

The new film is full of colour, with the adventure told through the eyes of one of the flying monkeys.  Ozzy is kind hearted and joins forces with the good sorceress Gabby to stop the attempts from wicked witch Eveline to take over and rule their land. They work together to challenge her and hope that good overcomes evil.


The animation team is the same who created The Book of Life so expect fun for the whole family to enjoy.

If you fancy checking out the movie The Guardians of Oz dvd is available to buy and download from 13th February, with a PG certification. Get it from Amazon (affiliate link) or other usual outlets.

I’ve got a copy of The Guardians of Oz dvd to giveaway to 3 lucky readers.  To enter simply tell me which character from the Wizard of Oz is your favourite and why in the comments below (no need to enter anything in the url box). Then complete your entry via the rafflecopter widget, and enter any other bonus entry options.

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Disclosure: We were sent a copy of the film and provided with copies to giveaway.


  1. Emma Whittaker

    I love the Tin Man so sweet and makes you feel warm 🙂

  2. Debbie Burfoot

    Love toto the dog because I just love dogs and their quirky ways

  3. Dawn Hull

    The lion is my favourite as he is so adorable and sweet.

  4. Victoria Allum

    I like Dorothy because she shows courage and perseverance throughout the journey.

  5. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Lion – because he makes me laugh how scared of everything he is, when lions are fierce.

  6. sharon martin

    i like the scarecrow and i think he’s fun and sweet

  7. Jamie C Millard

    the scarecrow. He’s a funny guy if not always intentional.

  8. A.E. ADKINS

    Scarecrow – bit tatty & scatty – much like myself really

  9. Ann-Marie Gould

    the Scarecrow is my favourite hes so sweet

  10. Wendy Tyler

    Dorothy, as you could change any of the others, but it wouldn’t be the same without her.

  11. Dorothy is our favourite as she is so talented and kind.

  12. jackie curran

    I like the lion as he is so sweet and funny .

  13. Donna Caldwell

    I love the Scarecrow he’s so kind and helpful

  14. irene hodgson

    i like the lion because he really is brave

  15. Angela Kelly

    The tin man is my favourite, he has the best song.

  16. Joanna Ford

    Dorothy because when I was a child I used to love her dress and her shoes!


    Dorothy!! I dressed my daughter as Dorothy for World Book Day and she just looked adorable.

  18. Victoria B

    The Tin Man – because he is so sweet and genuine.

  19. I love the cowardly lion because 1. i love cats in general and would love to give him a cwtch lol and 2. he proves that bravery is something thats possible for everyone 😀 even if you think your not very brave yourself

  20. Victoria Prince

    The Cowardly Lion because I can relate to him!

  21. hannah oneill

    Tin Man because he has a tough exterior

  22. steph lovatt

    The tin man because he doesn’t realise how kind he is

  23. Rebecca Howells (@PeanutHog)

    I love Toto as I like animals!

  24. Andrew Hindley

    Love Dorothy because she’s so sweet, young and innocent

  25. I used to like Glenda but I dont know after they made the movie about Oz it makes you rethink some characters.

  26. Denise C

    The Good Witch as she is so kind and gentle

  27. sheri Darby

    The straw woodman – I could do with a brain too

  28. Lisa Wilkinson

    The lion as I’m quire shy too and wish I had more courage


    The lion because he reminds me of me sometimes

  30. Joshua Normanton

    The lion. He’s so goofy. Like me.

  31. Laura Farnworth

    The Scarecrow! He’s fun, friendly and has the best most catchy song

  32. chani lewis

    I always loved the Cowardly Lion, I think it was the silly way that he would say ” Put ‘um up , put ‘um up “.

  33. anne farndell

    Dorothy – I always wanted her shoes!

  34. jen s morgan

    The scarecrow as he’s really funny x

  35. Amy Wright

    It has to be Dorothy – she’s the leading lady with the ruby slippers!

  36. Kim Styles

    it has to be the cowardly Lion – i must be hard to be expected to be brave all the time!

  37. maria dhillon

    the cowardly lion because he reminds me of how i used to be until i came out of my shell

  38. Amy Rennocks

    Toto the Dog. I’m a sucker for animals in fims <3

  39. Kathryn Hipkin

    Dorothy – I like the way she tells the story and I love her ruby slippers!

  40. Jo Carroll

    The Scarecrow because after all he was the ‘brains’ of the bunch 😉

  41. Mrs Heather Harris

    the tin man as he wanted a heart

  42. Katie Skeoch

    The wicked witch of the West & her flying monkeys

  43. Samantha O'D

    The scarecrow remind me a little of myself 🙂

  44. Sarah Taylor-Fergusson

    Dorothy, because she is kind and smart — and has the very best red shoes.

  45. kate kathurima

    The Tin Man because I always liked he wanted to find a heart

  46. Sarah Ann

    I love the lion – he’s really such a brave soul!!

  47. Kat Lucas

    The Tin Man as I love his desire for a heart

  48. The cowardly lion because he really is brave at the end.

  49. adeinne tonner

    Has to be Dorothy as she becomes friends with everybody and is a nice person too

  50. karen hill

    Love the tin man, he is so cute but i also love those sparkly red shoes too xx

  51. Always loved the Cowardly Lion – must admit found some of the other characters quite frightening x

  52. Jules page

    The cowardly lion because he really is brave.

  53. Susan Smith

    The cowardly lion, he is so cute and reminds me of myself, i can be a coward, but can suddenly find my strength to fight my corner

  54. Annabel Greaves

    My daughter loves Dorothy, she would love to wear her amazing red shoes xx

  55. Kristy Brown

    The Lion, cos he’s a big sacredy cat but there when you need him

  56. Angie McDonald

    I love the scarecrow as he’s loyal and makes me laugh!

  57. Margaret GALLAGHER

    The Lion had the courage to go forth

  58. Kay Sherman

    Scarecrow because he’s scartty like me

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  60. Charlotte Burford

    The Scarecrow always cracks me up!

  61. Michelle Ferguson

    The scarecrow as he makes me laugh

  62. Suzanne Gaulton

    The Scarecrow – cause he’s more clever than he gives himself credit for – and as Mummy’s I think there’s a bit of him in all of us!

  63. Mark Bradbury

    The scarecrow because he reminds me of myself.

  64. mixed feelings,i went into labour watching this film


    The Lion, because he is so funny , being so scared of even himself .

  66. lynn neal

    The lion because he should be scary but he is not!

  67. Helen Moulden

    The Tin Man, because he’s the cutest!

  68. Kirsty Sparks

    The Scarecrow because he is funny 🙂

  69. Ruth Harwood

    Always loved the lion cos hes so different from how he should be!!

  70. Margaret Clarkson

    The Cowardly Lion because he is so very funny,

  71. Steven S

    Th flying monkeys – Who wouldn’t want to be a flying monkey !!!!

  72. Sam Rhodes

    Cowardly Lion because he shows that we all have courage it just needs working out of us sometimes 🙂

  73. simon tutthill

    must be the lovely Dorothy who certainly has plenty of adventures

  74. Inga Andersen

    The Cowardly Lion because he becomes brave in the end

  75. The scarecrow, because he’s quite funny! 🙂

  76. Christine Shelley

    The Tin Man who needs an oil can. reminds me of OH

  77. i just love the tin man, he always made me giggle

  78. laura wheatley

    I love the munchkins they are so cute

  79. Tee simpson

    I like Dorothy because she is so kind hearted

  80. Tony Metcalfe

    Toto the dog, who can resist a little dog?

  81. Spencer Broadley

    The Cowardly Lion because he fights through to become brave

  82. jo liddement

    I like the Cowardly Lion because he often feels worried and not very brave but always finds the courage somehow a bit like myself at times.

  83. RebeccaC

    Dorothy–a kind-hearted woman not afraid of adventure but who’s heart is still at home.

  84. Tracy Nixon

    The cowardly lion because he is very much like me!

  85. Rachel Craig

    Toto, the dog. Lovely dog and reminds me of when my family had cairn terrier.

  86. Hannah Scudder

    The cowardly lion, I always found him funny. Going to see Wicked in march and looking forward to it!

  87. melanie stirling

    Toto because he’s cute and just the sort of little friend you want.

  88. laura banks

    toto the dog he;s cute and a trusty friend

  89. Tracey Peach

    The Cowardly Lion because he does not think he has any courage but it turns out that he does 🙂 x

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