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Why it’s easier to holiday with kids alone

My OH doesn’t really do holiday. Or days off work at all. The joys of working for himself and being a workholic. I usually just take N away on my own. We’ve only had 2 breaks when the OH came too. Twice in 7.5 years!

It takes a lot of adjusting when he does come away. After talking to friends, I’m not the only one who thinks it can be a smoother holiday just taking children away on your own.

Obviously the positive is getting away as a family. And for N it’s the best thing about his holiday because it’s so rare. But here’s the reasons why it’s easier to holiday with kids alone.

take kids on holiday alone - Bubbablue and me

Why it’s easier to holiday with kids alone

1, You can stick to your usual holiday routine

My OH just likes to get to where we’re staying to nap. A waste of a day.  We like to get out and about and just pop in for an hour or so before dinner.

2, You can fit more activities in

My 7 year old has more staying power than the OH. We’ll usually do one big visit in the morning, then on the way home stop into National Trust or elsewhere for a quick look around.

3, You can eat when you want and it’s easier to choose

My OH makes no suggestions other than to return to places we’ve already eaten which gets boring. With N we try more interesting places than just pub meals after pub meals.

4, A beach day means a beach day

(or at least a full morning or afternoon until we’re ready to go)

My OH isn’t good on a beach. He doesn’t read and isn’t good at just sitting and relaxing. He has to walk for miles rather than help N dig or make sandcastles. He won’t go into the sea with N, he’ll just paddle under duress, but won’t help with body boarding. And he won’t eat lunch on the beach. Doesn’t he know that sandy sandwiches are part of the beach experience?!

5, We get to go to more exciting attractions

I’m the one who does all the research, but I’m restricted more because I know the OH will moan at having to pay for National Trust (I only buy single family membership because the OH never comes out with us). And he can’t do rides so any adventure parks aren’t an option. He also whizzes in and out of places faster than we do, which means we don’t get our moneys worth.

With just me, N can be persuaded to see other things and stay longer with the offer of an ice cream or pudding with dinner.

6, N helps carry more things for the beach

The OH won’t carry anything. Well maybe his jumper and shoes. I have beach bag, chairs, toys and bucket. Even N tends to carry more, even if it’s just his bodyboard and the lunh bag.

7, Holidays are a cheaper

We go camping which is a really cheap holiday. But even staying in a hotel for N and me it’s cheaper because we share a room. When the OH comes away, it’s normally last minute which means there’s less chance of good bargains and less options which means we pay more for a larger cottage than we need. Plus eating out for 3 is more expensive (the OH likes steak and drink alcohol!). The latest holiday, he ordered N an adult sized pub meal refusing to ask for the kids menu. Of course only half was eaten and the rest went to waste. I wasn’t impressed.

8, It’s easier to decide where to go and what to do

You’re only catering for 1 child’s needs and you, not adding someone else’s choices (if they’ll tell you what they are).

9, You stand a chance of getting your child to sleep in til 7am

N just wanted to get into bed with his dad at 6am every morning. Yawn.

10, You only have 1 person moaning about taking photos

And you will manage to get a photo (even if it is a selfie) taken with your child. There’s no chance of getting a family photo here.

11, No expectations about having someone else to help out

Washing up, cooking, sorting out daily stuff to take out with us, doing the bins etc. Yes, I still did it all. This is why I prefer being in a hotel and having someone do all that for us. But last minute trying to find suitable adjoining hotel rooms or family rooms is virtually impossible.

Of course it’s not all annoying going away with the OH.  The OH finally sees what N is like, how he behaves when away from home, plus it’s a chance to properly get away from the farm as a family. We also get to talk a bit more.  But I’m sure we’ll be back to going on holiday just the 2 of us for another couple of years until the OH decides to come along again..

Do you go away without your partner? What issues do you come across when going away as a family compared to just one of you?

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  1. I love that your other half wants to get someone just to nap! I totally relate to the beach day issue…my other half is exactly the same. I think there are a lot of compromises involved when it’s the two of you plus kids….thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub and hope you had a lovely summer x

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