bouncing down on trampoline

Jumping all over the world…on trampolines

One of N’s favourite activities at the moment is jumping.

He’s been able to jump both feet off the floor since about 20 months old (although a pitiful height obviously). Along with the bouncing, he usually shouts out ‘jump’ every time he leaves the floor. All very cute. Although he’s now progressed to galloping (he still calls it jumping), he still likes to jump and is trying to get more adventurous.

I’m not entirely sure he’s that much of a risk taker. He likes to climb into the car on his own now, and likes to say he’s climbing out on his own. Really, all he’s doing is getting out of his seat, and standing on the lip of the car. Then he looks down and realises that from a crossover car, it’s quite a long way down. I’m more concerned that he’ll jump but not actually take his arms from where he’s olding on and therefore wrench his arms.

So he usually wants to hold my hands and then jump down from there. Always safety conscious, my son!

But jumping on beds, on his dad, and mostly on the trampoline…he loves it all.

I really want to get a trampoline for the garden (mainly so I can also use it), but at the moment we’ve got a huge one at the farm which was bought for the party the other week and was due to go to his cousins’ garden. It does mean that every evening he gets out of the car from childcare, and he immediately wants to go on the trampoline.

The other evening, we wandered over there as we had a bit of time, and he loved just running round and bouncing. I think he’s been watching the older kids, because it looks like he’s trying to bounce down onto his bottom and up to his feet again (seriously, it’ll take you a long time to perfect that, child!).

toddle bouncing on garden trampoline
bouncing down on trampoline

He would spend hours just repeating the same activity over and over again if he had the chance. He’s definitely an outdoors boy. I’m astounded by the interest that some of his peers have at learning letters and numbers. He’s getting good on colours, but has no interest in any other things that involving with looking at specific numbers or letters on a page. Let’s hope by the time he’s at school, he’ll get more interesting it them.

Or maybe I just need to find some outdoor activities that involve them…I’m thinking back to the beach and writing numbers and letters, or chalks on the patio (not sure the OH would appreciate that if he noticed!).

For the time being, he’ll just be happy to bounce on trampolines.
And exciting update…OH’s done a deal with his brother, and the trampoline’s now ours.  Whoop.

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  1. ours all love trampolines too they are so much fun, i bet you will have years of enjoyment on that tramplline so pleased you got it from your brother in law!

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