Letterbox blankness

We don’t have a letterbox at our house or the farm.  The postman just leaves the post with whoever’s around at the time, then it gets divvied up between the correct people when they show up or come and collect it.  I didn’t think anything of it until we were at my mum’s house the other day and her post was delivered.

It was half through the letterbox, so she asked N to get the post.

Blank look.

“At the door” I gave him a clue.  He wandered out to the hall, but still looked blank.

“By the window, letters sticking through the letterbox”

Nope, still no idea.  He was looking at the window above the door, but not the side part of the panel below the side window where the letterbox was.

I just hadn’t realised that he wouldn’t know what a letterbox in a door was.  He’s used to posting letters in the red postboxes in the street but has never seen a letterbox in a door.

Eventually I had to put him out of his misery, get up and actually show him where the post was.  Wow, the excitement.  Then he wanted to post a piece of drawing paper back through the box, so I had to take it outside the door and post it through so he could pick it up.

All very amusing, but something you just take for granted.

I wonder what else he doesn’t know about being closeted on a farm.

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