Little Duckling

My little man’s moving up in the world.

He’s been doing his settling in sessions over the past week, getting ready to moving up to the Ducklings room at nursery.  They tend to move up at around 15 months when they’re confident at walking.  As he’s been walking since 11 months, and turned 15 months a couple of weeks ago, I was going to ask them about when he’d be moving up, when his key worker mentioned it to me and said he’d be moving in May.

They’d realised how much bigger he was than the others in his current baby room now the previous older ones had moved up, and he’d already progressed from the low chairs, to those without trays at meal times.

He’s already used to the room itself as after tea, the babies left go into that room to play til their pick up time.  And obviously although his key worker will change, he’s used to the rest of the staff so hopefully it’ll be a seemless move.

He’ll be in the room until he’s two when he’ll move up again.  I think he’ll love being in with the other toddlers as he really enjoys playing with in the same room as his older cousins when at home. And hopefully it’ll help his development being in with toddlers rather than babies too.

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