Miserable kids

Miserable kids really aren’t what you want.  Children, especially young ones, should be full of fun and laughter, excitement and interest.

Thankfully N is a happy chappy and even though he occasionally has a bit of a wobble and cry (currently likes yelling ‘mine’ at or about everything), he’s usually smiling and having fun with the world.

One of his nursery compatriots is not.  Or maybe he is happy, just never when I see him.

Three occasions now I’ve seen him (N’s new into the middle room at nursery), and each occasion he’s been moaning or bawling about something.  The first time I watched him amongst the other children, then all of a sudden he just started crying.  Seemingly no reason.  The second time he tripped himself up and cried, but then carried on moaning even though he was getting cuddles and I’m sure it wasn’t really that hard a fall.

Then we going into nursery from the cars at the same time.  He was moaning inside the car with his mum saying ‘ooh you got out the wrong side of bed’, she gets him out, has to carry him in with him moaning and whining about not a lot.  N just waltzed into nursery, straight past the staff and off without another look back, while this other child didn’t know what he wanted to do.

Obviously children have bad days and also being 2 creates a lot more angst for them, but I’m not sure I could deal with that – either working in childcare with a ‘terrible 2’ or being mum of a miserable child.  It’s hard enough on the occasion that N has a small meltdown, but to have a child who whines and moans regularly…think I’d despair.

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