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Music for children

We’ve never really played nursery rhymes to N.  I do have a cd of them which I played once in the car, but I wasn’t keen on the grating versions and N didn’t seem that thrilled with it so we went back to the radio.

For his first year we went to Rhythm Time and loved it – lots of singing and rhythms, and since being at nursery he’s had weekly music sessions there from an external children’s music franchise.  He loves the sessions, and anywhere with singing, he’s always really happy to watch and get involved.  He loves musical instruments too – his keyboard, guitar and any other percussion bits and pieces that are around.  Oh and not forgetting his proper harmonica that was in his Christmas stocking (I’m jealous as I want my own).  He quite often sings away to himself and I’ll sing along with him when I recognise what he’s singing (when I can remember the words).

At home we don’t have music on that frequently unless I’m doing a massive cooking session, or he’s rocking with his dad to AC/DC or Guns n Roses dvds (not my choice, but he does enjoy them…I’m not too convinced by him trying to play his guitar through my legs, copying the lead guitar from AC/DC).

But I have to admit that his musical tastes are already quite eclectic.  Not really surprising given I’ll listen to almost anything within reason, enjoying classical, pop, anything that’s danceable or really anything that’s sing-alongable (I’m sure that should be a word!).

We’re definitely not starting with the children friendly options….heavy metal and rock (the other day Radio 2 were Wednesday moshing to Led Zeppelin and he was headbanging in his car seat to my surprise!).  A bit of Queen – ‘I want to ride my bicycle’ came on the radio last week, and he was trying to sing along although I could only understand the word ‘bike’ amongst the jumble of his singing.

To the other extreme, he loves watching choirs on Songs of Praise.  He’s never that concerned with soloists, but if there’s a choir on, he’s transfixed.

I’m really happy he likes all music so far.  So much more satisfying than nursery rhymes, although it does make me wonder whether not listening to lots of those does mean he finds it harder to pick out, hear and learn words compared to children who progress through from basic nursery rhymes to more complex songs later on.

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