nativity set

Nativity sets

Christmas is coming to our household (in mind if not in actual visual siting), and I’ve been trying to locate a nice traditional nativity set that N can grow up with.  When we were children, my mum had a lovely little wooden set; each year we’d set it up as part of the tradition.  But unfortunately in the passing it on to me, it seems to have gone missing so I want to find one of my own.

nativity set

I’d like a wooden set, nothing too garish and nothing too expensive or large as I don’t want it to be too special so N would be banned from playing with it. Although I no longer go to church, I want him to be taught the true Christmas story (and hopefully when he’s a bit older take him to Christingle services.  I’m not sure he’ll sit still for a whole service yet, and I’m sure oranges with a candle in, aren’t really sensible for me to hold while struggling with a squirming toddler.  But I think he’ll love the Christmas carols.

I had all these great exciting thoughts about what I wanted a nativity set to be like, but it’s turning into a bit of a challenge.

I found a couple of what look like nice sets at great prices in Tesco, doubled up my clubcard points, went to order (as they’ve not appeared in stores) only to find they’re permanently out of stock.  Email alerts haven’t yet told me they’re available again, so I’m going to have to find somewhere else and use my rewards for something else  to use them up (not impressed!).  The only one that’s in store is cheap but a little too garish for something to last til he’s older.

Asda have a cute set, for half the price and with the bonus of a stable which would be good.  But as I’m unlikely to go near an Asda store, and that one’s also out of stock, there’s not much hope!

So I’m still on the look out.  I’ve checked out the Nutcracker Christmas Shop in Stratford where they have gorgeous (very expensive sets), Lakeland (a bit ornate), ebay and Amazon (some nice Gisela Graham sets and others, but more than I want to spend).

If anyone has seen any others around, do share.

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