Not so sunny BloxFest

Last year’s BloxFest (my old village’s May festival of stalls, food, crafts and 3 stages of music in 3 of the village pubs) was great fun, and packed out due to the great weather.  This year the weather’s cold and a bit grey with a few rain showers and not a lot of sun.

We managed without the pushchair too which was impressive for N as there’s quite a few slight hills and to-ing and fro-ing from pub to pub and then back to the car afterwards.  Because we were due to swimming we arrived early, so not much was going on and there weren’t many people around.

We bought some nice bread from the local deli stall, N chose some homemade chocolate marshmallows, and we meandered round watching the potter and the wall building, and checking out the other stalls.

Unfortunately not much was going on as we arrived early, but N loved watching the morris dancers (couldn’t stop staring, but then that’s not surprising given morris dancers do look a bit odd).  We also hung around to wait and see the Rock Academy band and choir.

Morris dancers
Watching the morris dancers

As N loves rock, he was enthralled by seeing the teenage band playing Black Sabbath, and then enjoyed watching the adult choir afterwards.  We caught up with some friends we’d bumped into as well, but with the weather not being very warm and looking like rain, we didn’t hang around long.  Disappointingly, there’s not a lot for kids at these events.  They do have a street party lunch that you can book the children onto, but no other activities like there would be at a fete.  Having said that, if the weather had been better, I’m sure N would have loved sitting in one of the beer gardens watching the bands playing.

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  1. Funnily enough we have a similar sounding street party in one of our local towns tomorrow. Last year in the sunshine it was wonderful, this year it os forcaste to rain tomorrow so not yet sure if we will go or not. Such a shame our weather isn’t a bit more reliable. Looks like your little chap was quyite happy watching the morris dancers!

  2. It’s such a shame when the weather isn’t great, I can imagine that you’d have had some more fun in the sunshine. I love buying all the local treats too x

    1. I’ve never managed to get to the village deli so it was great to see some of their offering. N was quite happy sampling the chocolate marshmallows as well!

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