300pbs picture book challenge

300 picture book challenge – week 19

We’re so close to the magic 300 picture book level, but not quite there.  Maybe next week. I thought it would be really hard to get there over the whole year, but this challenge has made me realise how much N and I actually read together.  I can’t say I’m doing very well on my own 50 week challenge, but it’s great that we’re reading together, and hopefully creating a habit that N will continue as he grows.

300pbs picture book challenge 300 picture book challenge week 19 books 300pbsSo quite a few books this week, including some lovely ones.

Personally I’m liking the African animals books from the Storylab series.  They’re quite educational as they have information at the back of the books about where the animals are from, although N’s not that interested in that aspect yet.  It does introduce lots of new animals that he’s not come across before.

N was a fan of Gladys the Cow this week.  Why am I not surprised?  Given it’s about a farm!

This week new books have come from the library, plus a Waterstones gift card that I remembered N had in my purse from his godmother/my best friend.  He wanted Peppa Pig, so I chose 2 other books for him, and let him have that one as an extra book.

  • This week’s books – 15
  • Books to date – 285 (95%)

300 picture books


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  1. It’s great to instil a love of reading at a young age, it sets them up for a lifelong passion.

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