I’m not a gardener. I love flowers and pretty gardens, but ours is still a paddock and apart from wanting to have a lovely garden to sit in and enjoy, I have no yearning to get outside with a trowel or spade and do lots of gardening. I’m all for an easy life to get lots of colour.

We do have a wall with space for flowers in, and I can manage to grow things in there – several years I’ve had lovely wildflower and easy grow flowers in there.  This year I’ve added more and the seedlings are coming up.  I’ve also got a pot by the front door and have replanted seeds in there too.

The last 3 years I’ve tried to grow vegetables too – tomatoes were painful but a success (very late on in the year), strawberries have failed twice (I’ve since heard plants rather than seeds are the way to go with strawberries).  Last year’s rocket was good but way too spicy for us to eat and the radishes didn’t plump up – not enough water I presume. Oops.

So I’m sticking with flowers at the moment because I can rely on rain and N to water them, without needing any more than that.

calendula living still in the rain

At the side of our house we’ve got a strange muddy flower bed.  We vaguely have some mini rose bushes that seem to grow and flower each year. But mostly the area is just taken over by wild chives.  This year, I’m going to try something new, I’ve been sent some seedballs from Prezzybox to try out.

If you’ve not come across seedballs, they’re seeds surrounded by a protective layer of compost. Rather than having to plant them, you can just throw them into your flower beds or pots (or grass if you want a wild garden), and leave them to sprout and grow.

The tins from Prezzybox have 20 seedballs containing 30 seeds in. There’s a hint of chilli to avoid them being eaten by birds (or hopefully our dogs), and sprouts should appear after 4-6 weeks.  You don’t even have to plant them in the soil, just on top, and the rain and sun should do their job.

prezzybox flower seedballs

I’ve got a bee mix and butterfly mix to plant, so hopefully we’ll attract more butterflies into the garden and provide the bees with more choice of flower.  Each seedball tin has a good mix of flowers – I’m looking  forward to trying to identify which flower is which.  And N is obsessed with looking out for butterflies at the moment so I’m keen to teach him more about the butterflies we have in the UK.

We did find it hard to open the tins – a screw lid would have been less dangerous than digging a knife in – but they’re nice little tins. I might even upcycle them with some homemade lotion or lip balm in.

At only £5.99 a tin, they’d be a lovely addition to a homemade gift hamper for a gardening fan, or for children’s gifts along with little gardening tools.

You can buy through my affiliate Prezzybox link for the bee seedball mix or butterfly mix.

Or if you want to try your luck, I’m giving away a butterfly seedball tin.  Just answer the question ‘what do you like to grow in your garden?’ and complete the Gleam entry form.

Seedballs mix

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Disclosure: We were sent some seedball mixes for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Kerry Webber

    I can’t grow too much as my dogs like to dig everything up!! But I have just built some raised beds and planters, so I can expand my basic herb garden, and grow more salad and veg. I’ve got lettuce and tomato plants going in tomorrow, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my dogs don’t just think it’s a new toy for them!!

  2. Lauren Stebbings

    When I was well I grew all sorts of veg and fruit. Now though, it’s all over grown. Lots of Raspberries and blackcurrants. I like having very natural looking garden. Lots of meadow flowers and things for bees.

  3. Michelle Wild

    Flowers. Each and everyone of them are so intricate and if they attract butterflys, even better.

  4. Elaine Stokes

    love to grow wild flowers and anything that will bring birds and bugs to the garden

  5. Sarah Clifford

    I prefer to grow beautiful flowers in my garden

  6. Christine Hobbs

    What a wonderful idea these tins are. I think its so important to encourage children as well as adults to learn and understand how vital the bee is and how we can encourage nature as much as possible.

  7. Jane Green

    We have a wild flower patch to attract bees and butterflies

  8. Hannah Smalley

    I’m a low matinence kind of gardener so I do ok with useful things like herbs! My boys would love trying these seed balls.

  9. Jeanette Leighton

    I would love to win for my dad he grows salad vegetables, potatoes and carrots

  10. sharon martin

    i’m like to grow some sweetpeas and a jasmine plant

  11. Joanna Tolhurst

    As many flowers and veggies as I can fit in. especially like honeysuckle, poppies and cornflowers.

  12. Emsey loftus

    How lovely. I have the perfect spot for these seeds at the top of my garden.

  13. Oh I’ve never heard of seedballs before, but what a great idea! i actually really love gardening, but with my health issues at the moment it’s really challenging! We’ve just moved to a new property with a gorgeous garden (which I am so thankful for having only had a small yard for the past 3 years) and I have so many dreams for it. I want to create flower borders around the lawn, a space for fruit trees and bushes at the top, a range of potted herbs on the patio, and raised beds by the side of the bungalow for vegetables 🙂 I’m going to need a lot of help and time establishing all of that, so any quick changes we can find in the meantime are a real bonus!

  14. Spencer Wright

    Flowers, especially sweet peas so we can have scented cut flowers indoors all summer. This year we’re trying to grow peppers & tomatoes too

  15. Jo Hutchings

    I like to grow herbs that I can use in my cooking.

  16. Anna Stimson

    I like to grow vegetables because it makes my children interested in gardening and where food comes from.

  17. Karen Hughes

    I have a green house in my garden so love ways of attracting bees and otherwildlife into my garden to help pollinate my fruit and veg.
    I leave the bottom of my garden wild for all the grasshoppers and butterflies. Would love to put the seed balls down there to attract more wildlife

  18. Elzbieta Znyk

    I like to grow all kind of vegetables.

  19. Adrian Bold

    I like to grow flowers mainly as I’ve found vegetables to be rather hard to keep from being eaten by everything!

  20. Monica Gilbert

    I love growing strawberries. Definitely start with plants. I think I started with 2, and I must have around 20 now. Once they’re established, they send out runners that will become new plants. I managed to get some into pots and moved them into my front garden, which then expanded on their own. And I have a planter full of them and surrounded by other plants. I’m debating setting some up next to my fence this year.

  21. Marie Rungapadiachy

    I like to grow herbs, vegetables and fruit in my garden. Anything useful for the kitchen.

  22. Sheila Reeves @cakereev

    I like to have plants with fragrance, lilacs, sweet peas, mock orange (just coming out now!) stocks

  23. Toni Pearson

    my youngest son loves picking seeds at the nursery and growing them each year…. third year in a row he has picked Marigold. He loves them

  24. Natalee Gosiewski

    tomatoes strawberrys sunflowers and so many dif seeds for flowers also some herbs


    I love growing vegetables, fruit and country garden style flowers in my garden.

  26. Jay MacInnes

    I have lots of herbs which get used a lot, & we’ve just planted runner beans for the first time. Also lots of perennial flowers and shrubs for colour all year round.

  27. I only have a patio but I love trees and large shrubs so I have some of those in big pots along with a few Erigeron daisies for the bees.

  28. Liam Fitzpatrick

    I like growing lavender and having dandelions!

  29. Anthea Holloway

    I grow soft fruits and vegetables and flowers too.

  30. Elizabeth Smith

    Currently I’m growing some very healthy nettles and dock plants! Got to sort thegarden out this summer and the plan is to grow wildlife-friendly plants

  31. Victoria Prince

    I love to grow anything edible! Especially tomatoes – can’t beat them straight off the vine

  32. Lindsey Smith

    I’ve always wanted to grow tomatoes like my grandad used to 🙂

  33. Carole Nott

    Love the changing seasons in my garden and the different plants I grow – especially summer bedding plants and summer fruits

  34. Catriona Hutchinson

    The only thing I regularly tend to are my herbs. My garden is a little on the wild side…. Ha ha ha. But, I’m so fortunate. There are roses and bluebells


    I don’t have a garden, but my friend grows a variety of fruit and veg in hers

  36. Judith Allen

    We just keep what was there when we bought the house. Just a little garden, the pink peonies will be flowering soon, love those. There’s a large box on top of one wall, that would be perfect for these seedballs.

  37. Sally Collingwood

    I like to grow roses in my garden

  38. I grow tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, chilies, and annuals like sunfowers and marigolds.

  39. louise l

    we are trying to go low maintenance this year, no digging! So we only have a few pots with easy grow veg like kale, runner beans, peas,assorted herbs and some rhubarb. I do have a problem corner which I think these would be idea for under the apple trees in my back garden. My front borders have flowers but they are small & easy to manage too,just lupins, roses and spring / summer bulbs for more colour

  40. Lynn Neal

    I like to grow a mixture of fruit , vegetables and flowers!

  41. Laura Pritchard

    I like Lavender to attract the bees!

  42. amy bondoc

    lavender and roses, they are my favourite plants 🙂

  43. jo liddement

    I love to grow cut flowers and fruit and vegetable and i have a wildlife area in my garden for the butterflies and bees.

  44. Patricia Avery

    Hubby grows so much organic fruit and veg we are able to freeze some to last us through the year. Wherever he can he plants flowers in amongst the veg and we have 2 dedicated wild flower beds to encourage wildlife and two ponds. It sounds as if we have acres but it is only a modest sized back garden

  45. We like growing anything the chickens don’t want to eat!

  46. We have just discovered a recipe for rhubarb gin. Our crop is going to good use this season.

  47. Karen Barrett

    I have lots of planters and baskets with flowers, tomatoes, peas, beans, strawberries, apples, blackcurrants plus sweet peas and sunflowers

  48. Geoff Dagger

    Some would say mostly weeds – but I try fruit and flowers. Hoping to branch out with a little herb garden soon

  49. Kelly Hirst

    I love growing herbs I can use in my cooking

  50. Tracy Newton

    This year I would love to grow sunflowers. For some reason they are all dying this year

  51. Charlotte Wilde

    i love cosmos and rudbekia – they look beautiful and attract the bees and butterflies too

  52. Amanda Young

    I love California poppies, easy to grow and so cheerful and colourful

  53. Linda Ford

    We are trying to grow sunflowers but seem to be failing!

  54. Iona Cornish

    Herbs, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Peppers, Sweetcorn, Courgettes and Strawberries

  55. Danielle Spencer

    I’m currently growing some herbs for the rabbits and peas.

  56. Sheena Batey

    We grow veg and fruit in our allotment and flowers in the garden

  57. Samantha McDonough

    I like to grow colourful flowers to attract butterflies and bees, and flowers that give off a scent like Jasmine and Lavendar.

  58. Charlotte Burford

    Raspberries, blackberries and runner beans

  59. Sandra Fortune

    Fruit mainly berries and currants, salad crops ,broccoli and cabbages ,some herbs I have a big garden so lots of flowers I like my annuals . Love sweet peas, petunias , busy lizzy , pansies, lavender and do throw some wildflower seeds in to fill it up.

  60. Juli Savage

    Moved about a year ago so now growing herbs/veggies/fruit and flowers

  61. Andrea Fletcher

    Lots of different veg, fruit, herbs and lots of flowers.

  62. Michelle Ferguson

    I’m not the best gardener but I do love to grow roses

  63. Tiffeny Brown

    I’ve just started doing my garden and so far have strawberries, spring onions, tomatoes and some pretty flowers 🙂 x

  64. abigail edkins

    I only have grass but I would love a little herb garde

  65. Margaret Gallagher

    Anything – fruit veg flowers

    The more the better – depends on time factor

  66. Lyn Geddes

    Peas, beans, courgettes, spinach, sunflowers, sweetpeas

  67. Wise Ways

    I like growing flowers I’m looking forwards to getting some summer bedding plants soon. I LOVE butterfly’s so would love these seedball mix’s

  68. Samantha Stevens

    I love growing loads of different herbs, lemon sage and basil are my favourites and had great success in growing raspberries. This summer does bode well for a good crop.
    Finally, I just love the random wild flowers that pop up in my garden.

  69. clair downham

    lots of different coloured plants and flowers

  70. I love a ‘proper’ country garden and I’m attempting to get ours looking like one too. This year I’m growing lots of flowers – strawflowers, cornflowers, delphiniums, lupins and snapdragons.. and lots more! These look brilliant!

  71. Jane Willis

    Anything edible! Herbs, a few fruits, lots of salads and lots and lots of veg!

  72. Heather Haigh

    I like to grow fruit, we have apples, pears, plums, cherries, raspberries, blackberries, gooseberries, logan berries, redcurrants, goji berries and blackcurrants. I also like to have a mix of shrubs and lots of flowers to add colour and attract wildlife. Oh and some rhubarb – we love it.

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