banbury corss in the dark and rain

Project 365 2015 week 45

This week’s been back to school after half term and it all seems to be going well again which is a relief.  We’re now on week 45 of Project 365, and getting worryingly close to Christmas with me having done very little preparation so far.

On Sunday, I was out in the afternoon for a baby shower afternoon tea.  So I spent the morning making a casserole to leave in the aga, and then this sticky ginger cake.  It was delicious, and no moans from the  OH about my cake making skills means that it must have been good.

sticky ginger cake

On Monday it was back to school and work after half term.  I spotted some beautifully dewy spider’s webs in the work car park, so got the phone out to snap them.

dewy spider's web

N’s a bit preoccupied with prison at the moment.  I’m not sure where it came from, but on Tuesday he decided he was going to build himself a prison from his foam mats.  I was told I’d need to buy some more when I saw them so he could have a roof as well.

making a prison

On Wednesday the traffic out of work was absolutely horrendous. In fact, since half term the traffic has been awful in town all day.  It took me 20 minutes to drive the usual 5 minute journey from work to Banbury Cross.  Not good.  Too much building, no new roads, and no plans to change any infrastructure to allow for all the town’s changes.

banbury corss in the dark and rain

On Thursday, my New You meal plan packs arrived.  I’m going to be trying it for a week – I’m hoping it’s not as hard going as I’m thinking it’s going to be.  N was sorting me out the packs for me.

checking out mummy's New You plan

Friday I picked up N from school for the first time in what feels like a long time.  He appeared in his shorts and with his clothes.  Thankfully I’d put him spare clothes in his PE bag so he was in shorts.  When I got home, this was the sight in his bag that school had packed away for him.

filthy school uniform

Saturday we didn’t have any plans.  Early swimming class for N, and then it was the first shoot of the season at the farm.  It’s great because it means N gets to come out with me with no moaning, because until he’s older he won’t be able to go out with his dad who’s always busy sorting every one else out.

Instead we had last minute plans to meet up with one of my online mum friends who was visiting the area.  We stopped for a brief lunch first, then headed to the local softplay where her 2 children and N were able to run adn climb around the place.

enjoying soft play

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  1. the cake looks great to me, glad hubby did not moan about it.
    Yeeuuccchhhhh at the school clothes.
    Hate it when they expand places but dont expand the infastructure to go with it, be that roads, schools, GP.s phone lines etc etc.

    1. Our town’s the second largest in the county, but isn’t even mentioned on the county’s travel plan. It’s all Bicester which is great for them, but leaves us a bit screwed when they’re putting in new retail parks, closing town centre shops, and when there’s a crash on the motorway everything comes via town.

  2. the cake looks wonderful i’d certainly have a slice or three is offered. i love the morning shot of the spiderweb

    1. I thought it was just boys who got so filthy, but it seems from my friends and neighbours, that it seems worse for their girls. Especially when they’re in light coloured school dresses

  3. That cake looks delicious! N did a very impressive job of messing his clothes up there! Beautiful photo of Banbury in the dark, even if the traffic was a nightmare. I don’t miss driving to work at all, although for the next few weeks I’ll be driving in rush hour to take my daughter to panto rehearsals.

  4. Usually here, they’re just very wet. He likes playing with water. But these were just covered in wet cloggy sand. Gross.

    The cake was yummy

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