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Project 366 2016 week 52 – the last one

So it’s finally here and I’ve completed my third year of Project 366.  It’s been hard at times as usual – when the winter nights roll in and we’re limited to after school indoor shots.  Plus because of the variety of shots I like to take, I get some odd looks from people at work or friends, who’re by now used to some of the strange (but oh so pretty) things I take photos of.

I’m going to continue next year – I debated stopping but enjoy the community too much – and might try and do some of the FMS photo a day prompts too.  Although I shouldn’t think that will last because I’m pretty useless at doing photo prompts.  Being at work 8 hours a day isn’t conducive to that.

So here’s my week 52 (and check out week 51).

Christmas day was Sunday, and N was so lucky to be given a real quad bike for his present.  I’m presuming it’s his next 3 big Christmas and birthday presents from us and his grandparents.  It’s not the type of present I would agree to because it’s really something I’d be expecting children to be saving up for and working towards, just like we had to when older for new bikes, or musical instruments etc. But it’s in line with when his cousins had their first quad bikes, and he’s really grown out of his gator now.  The OH had his say on it, so it then turned up.

He loves it – we just need to find a helmet that fits because the one his aunt and uncle got him was too small, and the spare sent to check for size was too big. Then I can feel a bit more relaxed about him being on it on his own, although it has got speed restrictions that can be set so he can’t go speeding off yet – the allowance will be increased as he grows and proves he’s responsible enough.

new quad bike for kids

On Monday it was a lot more relaxed. We’d spent Christmas day at my sister and brother-in-law’s, so we were missing leftovers (gutted because it makes cooking for the next couple of days so much easier).  Apart from the first 2 days of the holidays, N has largely wanted to spend most of him time at home with me rather than out on the farm.  Totally out of character compared to normal. He built most of his Lego racing car he’d been given, only needing me when he got stuck due to an earlier error.  I’m always really impressed by how well he can follow the instructions of older Lego.  I suppose he learns a lot from school’s construction club he goes to, although that’s all free Lego building, not from instructions.

lego mclaren racing car

On Tuesday I made this Christmas chocolate and cherry meringue wreath pudding. It’s the one I was planning to do on Christmas day before we got invited elsewhere, so I still wanted to make it later. It was really delicious even though it did look a bit ‘modern art’esque.

christmas chocolate and cherry meringue wreath

On Wednesday, N went out on the farm’s Christmas shoot as a beater. He really loves being on shoot – being with the (mostly) men and older kids, out with the dogs, in the fresh air, and gets stuck in picking up the birds. When he eventually arrived home after the shoot dinner at the pub, he brought some duck feathers home with him. They’re such a beautiful hint of blue that changes according to the light. On an aside, I’m loving my poor quality window ledge for a photo background. It’s a shame it’s so narrow!

mallard duck feather

On Thursday it was another frosty day.  I’ve been going back to bed after N has got up between 6 and 6.30, but that day I did actually have an urge to get up and get some photos. Thankfully living on a farm we don’t have to go far.

frosty grass fronds

This holiday has been all about the playdates for N. Usually he doesn’t get the chance to have people to play because of after school club, holiday club or being looked after by the OH during holiday time. So we’re making the most of it this Christmas. Friday we went over to his best friend’s house. I’m friends with his mum too so it was lovely to catch up and make some decisions about their joint birthday ‘party’. For lunch the boys made their own pizzas which they loved.

making your own pizza at a playdate

On Saturday, it was another playdate. This time with his friend who’s a neighbour, and goes to school and after school club as well. They had a great time – playing with the gator, making dens, having teddy bear picnics and eating lunch together. I wonder if as they get older they’ll not be as good friends, but they get on really well at the moment.

playdate and playing on the john deere gator

I hope 2016 treated you all well, and happy new year for 2017. I hope to see you on the other side for more of the same and better.

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  1. That meringue looks amazing, yum! Wow to the quad bike, that’s some present 🙂 I think big presents can be okay if they’re going to use them everyday, but we set quite a strict limit with our kids too, based on the number of items as well as value. Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Happy New Year to you Emma xx

  2. Snap! Monkey got that Lego car too, think he’s almost got the set now. Wow to that quad bike, hope you can get the helmet sorted for him – bet he was thrilled with that. Love that pudding, I need that in my life. Happy New Year Emma x

  3. Wow – what a present, but I’m with you on that one! (Although my 10 year old did get a laptop – for school work…apparently!!) I love how they pick up the Lego instructions so quickly – I have to look and look again when I build the damn stuff! Happy New Year x

    1. Yes, Lego does amaze me the way they pick it up. I love it too though – I think I’m better than the OH at doing it, although as a child I don’t recall having any with instructions, it was just the free for all stuff. Happy new year to you too Val

  4. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week. Your meringue looks delicious!
    I know where you’re coming from with expensive presents. Luckily my husband and I are both on the same page with it. We have a limit of £100, except for new bikes, which they’re allowed every few years. I actually really wanted to get eldest a laptop as I thought it might help with his GCSEs, but hubby stuck to his guns! Then we hear about 10 year olds getting laptops for Christmas 🙁

    1. That’s what I think too. We only had about £60 spent on us as kids, and I think that’s plenty. Annoyingly I’d already bought him his present – a cameara £70) when the OH announced about the quad bike and I refused to pay towards it. Last year was more because he had his bike, and then his birthday a microscooter. But his friend had an ipod! What’s wrong with a cd player for a 5yo?

    1. Thanks Erica.

      There is that, and per use over 5 years or so, the value per ride will be good. Plus it teaches him how to drive gradually moving up faster and with bigger engines. Safer this way than all of a sudden putting him on a more powerful bike.

  5. Sounds an expensive present and I totally agree on your thinking about it, nice to know you have your head screwed on the right way. But I am sure once he is use to it he will get plenty of use out of it and on a working farm it will not just be a toy.
    Glad he is enjoying the play dates.
    I often feel sadly things like solo lego building is another step towards them growing up and needing you less and less.

    1. Yes, definitely multipurpose. He’s already been saying he wants to be the one on the quad bike picking up the pheasants on the shoot, but he’s forgotten he’s not big enough to go on the road on a quad bike. It’ll last him til he’s 10 as well hopefully, so 5 years of pretty much daily riding it, will work out quite well value wise.

      I know what you mean about solo lego building. At the moment N tends to get bored half way through, and does still like having me there to do things with him thankfully.

      Happy new year

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