playing the piano and reading books

Project 366 2016 week 14 – monkeys and cousins

We’re up to week 14 of Project 366 and I’ve been close to missing my photo on a couple of days. I find if there’s nothing at lunchtime spotted, then quite often I’ll forget after work as well.  So it’s great we’ve got longer days to be able to get out and have some more light for those last minute photos.

Onto the week in photos:

N has 10 sheep, and most have now had their lambs.  On Sunday the first ewe and lamb were put in the paddock behind our garden, so each evening N will be going out to check they’re ok.  Annoyingly they’ve stuck just down the hill slope as far from the house as possible so I’ve not been out to take photos, but I did get this one of N going out to feed them with his dad that first misty morning they were out there.

going on the farm to check on his lambs

N loves our piano and really has a good think and listen before he decides to play certain notes. He won’t entertain the thought of having me teach him anything.  As with most things he enjoys doing it but isn’t keen on lessons.  On Monday I found him ‘playing’ the piano by reading one of his school books.  He told me ‘I’m getting the music from my book’.  Sweet, but a little loopy.

playing the piano and reading books

Tuesday was one of my last minute photos.  Taken en route to dancing, the sunset was really pretty.  Not swamping the sky but just a few beautiful clouds and the wonderful twilight blue colour of the sky.

sunset over the M40

On Wednesday I was stumped for photos but then on the way home from work, got stuck in traffic just outside the library. I looked up and noticed the pretty mosaic style windows.

library window mosaics

I have to go and have a prick blood test regularly, and on Thursday it was my latest one and I took N along having just picked him up from holiday club.  N does eat a lot but he’s just not stopped eating the last few days including just after he’d had his tea like Thursday.  He was trying out some new Pulsin’ snack bars we’ve been sent to review.  Afterwards I then measured him…he’s grown 5cm since January so I’m not surprised he’s been hungry.  Maybe a growth spurt explains the tired legs he’s been moaning about a lot recently too.

snacking at the doctors

On Friday I picked N up at normal school pick up time from holiday club and we bumped into his uncle and cousins letting another sheep and lamb into the paddock. Of course N wanted his cousin to play at home with him, so they spent a couple of hours trying to work out which activities or toys they both wanted to play with.  Playdoh went down well and I managed to grab this shot of them both concentration on making ‘snakes’.

cousins playing playdoh

The last weekend of the Easter holidays, and I wanted us to do something interesting.  We ended up going to Twycross Zoo, somewhere I’d not been before.  N spent most of the time asking to go in soft play which I refused him, but we did see these cute monkeys have a monkey hug. It was like one was comforting the other or protecting it from us all watching.

monkey hus

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  1. Playing the piano “from” the book is priceless, but then you never know, he might be famous in the future for playing music inspired by books. 🙂 The misty landscape is beautiful, and monkeys are very cute.

    1. Ha ha, you never know! I do love a misty landscape – nice to look out from my bedroom window on one as well although that is hard to photography sticking the camera out

  2. N playing his piano music from his school book is very cute – if a little random!
    5cm is some serious growth in a few months! That’s as much as my teenage son. It’s a nightmare feeding him and having to constantly buy him new clothes!

    1. Oh don’t say that! Dreading the food cost of teenage years. I think N grew 5 cm in 2 months last summer too, the rest of the year he doesn’t grow at all. Just waiting on foot growth now. He’s only grown 1/4 of a size since last May!

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