sunset over the fields

Project 366 2016 week 11

It’s week 11 of Project 366, and it’s been a hotch potch week again. It seems the weather has seen an improvement, so fingers crossed it continues for a bit.  Despite my diet, there’s been quite a lot of (non-diet) food going on too.  Back to the diet this week in earnest because I’d like to be near target by the end of May.

On Sunday, N and I were out.  I have being out in the day but still needing to come home and cook in the afternoon. If I had my way we’d eat out, but the OH is always working so still needs food, so we don’t get to eat out hot meals and not have to cook.  I’d decided I’d try a self saucing recipe – a chocolate orange dish.  And it was amazing.  This was it before going in the oven.  Self saucing desserts always look a bit odd, but they’re great in the end.

self saucing chocolate orange pudding

On Monday, Granny and Gramps can home from their holiday, bringing with them sweets and chocolate for the grandchildren. I try and keep the treats for after his reading or phonics homework, but it’s not always easy.

chocolate easter eggs

On Tuesday I stopped on the way home and grabbed a photo of this avenue lined driveway.  I always look at it and debate stopping for a photo, but I just never get round to it.  It’s looking a bit bleak and empty, but once the weather improves, the leaves will start coming out properly,

spring avenue driveway

On Wednesday I took this sunset photo.  I’ve not seen many recently, but it looked pretty spectacular. Almost like someone had painted on yellow swirls over the blue.

sunset over the fields

Thursday and we get organised with reading and teaching N his unknown words. I’m on a mission – and even 2 days later there’s a big improvement. Thankfully N does love numbers, writing and reading, it’s just getting him to focus and work hard, trying as best he can.

learning letters with fridge magnets

Friday evenings are always a bit casual for food. We’ll have fish and chips from the chippy in town, or something quick like pasta, especially if I’m going out dancing or otherwise and need food prepared quickly.  This week I suggested pizza.  N’s not usually a fan, but I offered to make one for him, so he could make it exactly the way he wanted.  He decided on cheese and chorizo, and even agreed to have some pepper on it.  Usually he’ll only eat raw pepper, so that was a bit of a result.  It was a really good pizza, although we have got leftovers still to eat. I should freeze it really.

homemade pizza

On Saturday N had the first school birthday party apart from his own.  It was a party at Hatton Country World, and for the first time N actually fed and stroked the animals. Considering he’s out on the farm with the animals here all the time, he’s always been wary of them at other farm parks.  He wasn’t that impressed with this guinea pig though…’it tried to nibble my trousers’.

stroking a guinea pig at Hatton Country World

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