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Project 366 2016 week 34 – best of summer

It’s week 34 of Project 366, and it’s been a busy week.  In fact, the last one of N being at holiday club (part of the week) before having a holiday ourselves and then being back at school.

He’s mostly enjoyed holiday club, but because it’s at the nursery, there’ve been very few days where there have been school age children with him, so he’s not that keen.  Although he is insistent that when he’s older he’s going to be married one of the staff members, and he’s also asked if the 2 year old daughter of another staff member can come for a playdate.  Strange child, my son.  Given the OH has picked up (or got other family members to pick up) N at 3pm every day instead of leaving him til 5.30 post tea that I’ve paid for, I’m wondering if next summer he’ll be able to have N for more full days.  If I could mix that with some sporting activity clubs where they have longer hours covered than the usual 9-3, then it would be a nice mix for him.  It is reliant on his Gran for tea though and others to pick up, so it’s not really fair.

Anyway, onto week 34.

On Sunday I caught this photo of N looking thoughtful while watching the tv.  He looks so grown up here – I think it’s the baseball hat rather than him wearing a bucket hat this summer.  Personally I’m not a fan of baseball hats because they don’t cover the neck or ears, but he loves this Stihl one he got from their stand at Countryfile Live.

looking older hanging out at home

On Monday, this was the sight I had on waking.  As soon as I get my phone camera out, he’s off hiding.

teddy bear hugs in the morning

On Tuesday I arrived home from work, wandered over to the farm to pick up N and found he and his cousin working farms.  They’d done 3-4 runs to carry over N’s farm vehicles over from our house, and were quite happy running their own farms.

farming in a 1970s living room

The last week or two there’ve been some amazing sunsets. This was one of the best – a gorgeous pink and lilac sky from our patio window over the paddock and fields.

gorgeous pink sunset

On Thursday our holiday time started. We did a day in Stratford upon Avon, mostly free.  Just hanging out at the recreation ground, playground and paddling pool.  It always has to involve an ice cream as far as N’s concerned.

eating ice cream

On Friday we went for a review trip taking a friend and her daughter with us, to Odds Farm Park.  We had a gorgeously hot day there, and packed in a trip to their circus performance in the big top.

big top at Odds Farm Park

On Saturday, it was quite warm. I left N on the farm with his dad to go out and finalise shopping required for our holiday. I came back to find that N’s cousin was over and they were playing football.  Next thing I look out the window and see N stripped off to his shorts, and his cousin then having to copy him.  It made us laugh so much – matching farmer tans, with ale body, and really brown necks and arms.  The OH wanted a photo to send to the cousin’s parents.

stripping shirts off to play footbal and cousin hugs

What have you been up to this week?

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  1. I’m with you on the hats – I was sad when my boy moved from the bucket hats to baseball caps, although I made him wear the bucket hat this summer! Lovely sunset and super cute boys pic!

  2. It looks like a good week….
    Your boy does look very grown up in that first photo and it looks like he has had great fun with his cousin this week…That sunset is beautiful….Amazing colours.

  3. What a lovely photo of the two boys! How nice to be able to treat a friend to a review trip. My daughter has never been to a circus and is desperate to go to one since reading Hetty Feather. Hope you have a lovely holiday 🙂

    1. Thanks Sarah. Most review tickets we get offered are family tickets, and of course the OH never comes, so it’s nice to be able to go out with other people, not just on our own all the time. Great excuse to catch up too.

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