easter egg roll competition eggs - minion egg and ladybird egg

School Days – Easter egg roll and homework

It’s school term over as we went into Easter. They do seem to come round quickly, but we’re looking to a few days off work, and 2 weeks off school although N will be at holiday club for part of the holidays.  Here’s what we got up to this week.

Homework progress

This week was when I got strict about doing homework after my concerns last week with progress.  Each day we read his reading book and learned some of his words in his envelope.  It turned out that N did actually know all of his capital letters (at least the phonics sounds for them) despite what he was previously telling me when reading books.  We’ve also ticked off around half of his words and on the way to learning another set of them.  I’m a lot more confident of what N knows and how he’s progressing.

Day 1 word learning list
This was day 1

Just a few days in and N’s reading is already moving on faster.  He’s happier when I suggest we do some reading, and he’s not having to sound out so many words and can recognise more.  He’s come home for Easter with 4 reading books, and so far he’s been reading them well.

evening reading books

He’s not so keen on sounding out words to write them.  He did pick a few words to write out, and even decided to try Fern, the dog’s name. which was harder than he expected.  So I think he’s got a bit more confidence now and hopefully by the end of the holidays, he’ll be well on his way to getting his next target certificate.

The next thing is to try and get him to take more interest in reading words and sounding them out when we’re out and about.

Easter egg roll

At school each year they have an Easter egg roll competition to see who can roll their decorated egg the furthest.  So the night before we decorated a few eggs that I’d put in the egg boiler in the morning.  N was quite taken with both my Minion and ladybird eggs, but he did agree to take one of his own decorated eggs in rather than my masterpieces.  The other he ate – all except the yolk.  I don’t know why he won’t eat that bit.

easter egg roll competition eggs - minion egg and ladybird egg

Each year group had a winner for the egg roll competition and N came home quite disappointed that he didn’t win.  There’s always next year.

They also did an Easter bonnet parade but I’m pleased they made their Easter bonnets crowns at school.  I was impressed with N’s. It was decorated all the way round, so he’d obviously not got bored halfway round which so often happens with him when crafting.

No lost kit

Yes, amazingly, N remembered to bring everything home with him, prompted by afterschool club reminding him as he was collected.  Even though he came home in his PE kit, we had trainers, school shoes, complete uniform, all PE kit, coat and even his wellies (the latter were the pair that stay at school but it’s good to check that they still fit).

So a short and sweet week for a shorter school week.

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  1. The minion is so cool! That’s some serious egg painting skill haha… I imagine his teachers would have been VERY impressed if he’d taken it in.

  2. It sounds like your approach to supporting the reading is going really well. So glad that he’s making progress. The Easter Egg roll sounds a lot of fun too

    1. Thanks Alina. Let’s hope it continues into the summer term. (I removed your other links because they’re already available via your comment, and likely through commentluv if you ticked that option)

  3. Reading is something I have found each of my children have conquered at their own pace, no matter how much I helped.

  4. Well done to N for his reading, Eliza is getting on well too and is much more confident than her brother was at that age. The Easter Egg roll sounds like lots of fun

  5. Well done to your little boy, he is doing very well! Each child develops at a different time.
    Little man started reading basically by himself. He used to watch Alphablocks at the time and it really helped him. He had no problems with reading, but he struggles with coordination and balance, so that’s what he is working on at the moment.

  6. aw bless him see I am finding it really hard as my 6 and 7 year old are both very advanced with reading yet 5 year old struggles with simple words so frustrating at times

    1. That must be hard. Having to try and adjust how your supported the older one. Funny how children in the same family are all so different

  7. T also had an easter egg roll at their school and as always, her egg didn’t win 😉 Must get around to reading T’s school books too, admittedly haven’t done anything since the break. Oh dear. x

    1. We were really good the 1st week, until we went away, but just about got back into it again. N’s taking his books to holiday club to read to them because there’s only him there sometimes

  8. Am inpressed with your eggs! My kids didnt do any easter crafting at schol this year which i thought was a bit sad really

  9. N sounds like he’s going really well. We get a spelling test each week with 12 words and it’s getting harder now as time goes on as they’re not words that can be easily spelt phonetically. Love the eggs for the egg roll!

    1. Ctikey spellings sounds a bit advanced. N’s rubbish at sounding out words, he’d have no idea. Ok at reading them and working them out, but I think spellings would be a disaster for him to learn now.

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