DAisy the cow egg for the school run.

School Days – run up to Easter

Whoop, it’s the Easter holidays – for N at least. I’ve got another week of work before I’m off.  So this will be the last School Days post for a couple of weeks.

Reading books

I think N’s getting bored of the books at this level. He still could do with some practice on them – it’s hard to get him to reread books.  But I did catch him reading the David Walliams World Book Day book. I’d say that’s more advanced than his reading level, plus is a chapter book, but he was giving it a go for a couple of sentences (anything is better than nothing).

The reading book homework didn’t work one day because he came home with another child’s book. Oops. He did get given another book the next day and had managed to do some reading to an adult at school as well.  So there wasn’t a problem getting him to read that evening.

maths homework tally sheets

Stranded child

It’s not often I feel bad or guilty about something going on with N. But this week N got stranded at school after one of the clubs.  We’d agreed that another mum would pick him up with her children, then drop him at nursery for wrap round care.  Last week went well, but this week I got a call from school asking about N’s pick up arrangements.  Oops.

Turned out the other mum had a meeting, thought she’d texted me, but hadn’t.  I had to take a bit of flexi and go and pick him up, explaining to nursery on the way that he wouldn’t be going there/eating there.  I did worry that he’d be upset, but he wasn’t too worried. He was pleased he’d been able to play on the computers with the other children awaiting their mum.

In future, I guess I need to text to check in advance, rather than assuming all is ok as planned.  After Easter it’ll be able to being picked up by his best friend’s mum as they used to do with tennis last summer. Hopefully that will be a bit smoother.

Thankfully the school didn’t seem to worried about it.

Egg rolling and Easter celebrations

This week obviously entailed all the Easter celebrations.   Each year the school have the easter egg roll which entails everyone bringing in a hard boiled egg and then each year group having to roll their eggs as far as possible.  I’ve never stayed to watch it, but I had some flexi so stayed for a bit. One of the great things being in school is seeing how enthusiastic everyone is about special events. The kids, the teachers. It certainly makes it a fun place to learn.

N used my cow decorated egg – it didn’t win by a long way, but N was happy enough taking part.

DAisy the cow egg for the school run.

They also had an easter egg hunt for the children so N came home with his usual chocolate eggs in his book bag from the hunt.

Target assembly

The last day of term was also their target assembly. Each year group has different targets they work towards for the year for literacy and maths. Once they’ve demonstrated the targets 3 times, they get ticked off. And once they’ve done a certain number of targets they get certificates.

N missed the last one where he got his bronze level due to illness, so this assembly he got his bronze and silver.  All the kids get called out by class to collect their certificates, line up and then wait for their photo opportunity for all the parents to take pictures.  The photo line up always provides a few laughs.  There’s always one who’s certificate is upside down, who the ignores the other children pointing it out and trying to help. There’s always a younger child who waves.  And in N’s case there’s always a taller reception boy stood in front of him  and not staying out the way, so it makes it hard to take photos.

Considering N is still in with Class 1 and they’ve not yet moved their year 1s into Class 2 with the others, I’m pleased he’s on track with hitting the targets at the same rate as the years 1s in the higher class.

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  1. I’ve never head of egg rolling before, but it sounds like real fun as well as being challenging. That egg must have to be so very hard! I think his decoration is great & of course, why wouldn’t it be a cow? heh!

  2. Egg rolling sounds fun! And I feel bad for N being stranded. But it’s great to take note in future if it’s okay for the other mum to pick him up.

    1. We’ll be back to my friend picking him up – she used to do it last summer and is more reliable plus we always chat on social media so is easier to catch up on what’s happening.

  3. The egg rolling sounds fun! The pick-up situation must have been stressful, but it’s good to hear that neither N nor the school were too concerned. No doubt the school has seen it plenty of times before! It sounds like things will be a bit smoother after Easter.

    1. The kids love it. And they make a huge deal about it with year records, school records, disqualifications and everything. Brilliant fun.

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