creeping round the farm

School days – school reports and sponsored sports

It’s been a busy week this week at school with some great successes. And all topped off by some swimming achievements at the end of the week but I’ll share those in another post. Here’s this week’s school days.


N was VIP earlier in the weak. For maths again. Although he insists that he gets awarded VIP for his english as much as he does for maths. I’m not convinced that’s true, but he’s stubborn like I am!

Sports for schools event

This week N’s school we’re taking part in a sponsored sports for schools challenge. They had a Paralympian athlete¬†Alistair Patrick-Heselton, come into the school and support the children on undertaking for sporting challenges. They then had a talk from the athlete as well to help inspire children to try and achieve things that may seem impossible.

Apart from trying to get his sponsorship target, N has really talked much about the event. It happened but that was it. I think in the evenings this week he’s been quite tired and flaked out from the heat so I’m not getting that much information from him.

It was a great opportunity for the children to meet a professional athlete and find out more about his achievements.

Orchard trip

N’s school have some quite amusing little trips. Compared to some schools which seem to go on pretty amazing trips around the country, ours are generally kept very local. The latest trip was to a community orchard as part of their latest topic on plants and seeds.

N seems to be obsessed with the type of buses that they use on the various trips. It’s always the same company so I don’t know why he gets that excited about it.

The children were taught about the various trees and bushes and what fruits were grown. They were able to try the raspberries and also some gooseberries. I didn’t even know you could eat gooseberries raw, I thought they had to be cooked. Supposedly they’re very sweet according to N. But then he will eat some strange things, including¬† eating stubble turnips out of the ground.

creeping round the farm

School report

This week the children’s school reports came out in readiness for parents evening next week. It gives us a chance to see what the children have achieved against their Key Stage 1 work objectives, with a summary of them as a child and their work in school. I find it a lovely thing to read. While there’s nothing mind-blowing in it, and I know how he’s doing through the year, it’s nice to see it all written down with confirmation that he has achieved what you think he has.

One of the great things about N’s school is how well they know all the children. The summary of N as a school child is just how I thought it was, and relates well to the type of child but he is. To read that your child is a kind natured boy, can stay focused, and wants to do well, is pretty much what you want to hear. And he’s coming out of his quiet nature to speak up in class. This was always something that I struggled with at school, so it’s nice to hear but he’s coping with that and taking part nicely.

That’s it for this week school days and there’s only a few weeks left before it will be school holiday. N will be moving into Key Stage 2. As we always say as parents, time flies by so quickly when you’ve got children.

What’s been going on with your children this week?

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  1. Ah it sounds like a lovely school. I sometimes think the little local trips are more rewarding than the big ones – our daughter is at secondary now, and they constantly seem to be abroad!

    1. Yes, I’m not looking forward to the costs spiralling. Although N’s quite a home body, so maybe he’ll not choose to go on the further afield ones.

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