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Strange breakfast combinations

In terms of his eating habits, N must be one of the strangest children out there.

Well, not strange, but maybe he just has some strange likes when it comes to what he eats at different times of the day.

I think I’ve said before that he’s always been a good eater – there’s not much he won’t eat: tomatoes, cooked pepper, cooked courgette, leafy salad/veg, but other than that he usually eats most things.  Even allowing for phases where he says he doesn’t like things, he’ll usually eat the food again within a week.

Children's strange breakfast combinations - Bubbablueandme

It’s his breakfasts that amuse me.

Three days a week N is at day nursery and is meant to eat his breakfast there.  Quite often he will, but more often than not he’ll want to eat as soon as he wakes up in the morning (could be around 6am) and if I’ve not woken up, then he’ll help himself to whatever he fancies from the fridge, cupboard or fruit bowl.

While most children will eat cereal, N’s not that fussed about it.  In the past I have worried that he’s not really been that keen on breakfast, but he’s certainly got over that now.  It’s just the weird combinations.

Because he’ll quite often grab it himself, I try and have some easy enough foods available, small pancakes, yoghurts, fruit, raisin bread etc.  I’ve quite often found him on a chair pulled up at the work surface, either having toasted some bread, or hacking away with a knife at the cheese trying to make himself a cheese sandwich.  Hence our cheese always has chunks out of it rather than a nice neatly sliced edge.

He is obsessed with cheese and would eat it at every meal given half a chance.  I do worry a bit about how much he has, but without locking the fridge I can’t really stop him going in there if I’m in the shower or getting ready in the morning.

Most of his favourite breakfast combinations include cheese.  A favourite is a little lemon & raisin pancake, some bits of cheese and fruit – this could be strawberries, raspberries, pear or apple (the latter if I’m around to slice or dice it for him – always better to get him to eat it up, rather than a whole apple which seems to only ever be half eaten).  Although I’ve also come downstairs to find a banana skin and knife that’s cut it left on the side.  It’s definitely not a combination I’d be choosing, but even if he has bread or sandwich thins, he’ll still add some little bits on the side.

The other more unusual breakfasts he’ll ask  for or eat have been more in the ‘preparation for student life’ vein, ie leftovers.

He’s been known to ask for macaroni cheese leftovers for breakfast.  Nice, but for breakfast?!

And the other week, he’d been so tired he’d not been able to eat his tea, so he’d taken himself off to bed. He’d told me he’d have a little nap then come down and eat his tea, so I was told to save it for him.  Of course, once he was in bed, he was asleep until the next morning when he went downstairs before me to help himself to breakfast….cold steak, roast potato and raw peppers and carrots.  Bleurgh.  Good in that we avoided food waste, but it made me cringe thinking about it.

What strange breakfast foods are your children partial to?

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  1. I made LP a cheese sandwich once for breakfast because she asked for it and it was all she’d eat – Hubby thought I was loopy! The way I see it, if they’re hungry and they’ll eat something and it isn’t too unhealthy then let them have it 🙂 x

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