My reading habits and how to make time to read

reading habits and how to make time to read - Bubbablue and me

I love to read, and always have done. It’s one of the reasons I despair at N not being that interested in reading himself. He loves books and having someone else read him a story, but I’m still trying to find the book that is going to be the one to get him to read to himself.  I’ve always had specific reading habits but have mostly managed to make time to read. As a child, I always had my nosy… Continue Reading “My reading habits and how to make time to read”

Back to books – February update

books round up february 2015

It’s taken me a while to get round to publishing my February books round up.  I only read 4 books after a busy January, but am still on track for my 52 book challenge this year.  I’ve got a few days off next week so I’m sure I’ll be catching up on my reading then. Especially if I’m short on wifi access. Here’s last month’s books round up. Road to Rouen – Ben Hatch I loved Ben’s first book Are… Continue Reading “Back to books – February update”

Book review: A chilling novel – The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne

the ice twins

When I was chosen to review this book, I was really excited.  The blurb sounded haunting, and after feeling a bit meh over the last book I read, I wanted to get back to one I really got into.  The Ice Twins didn’t disappoint. The Moorcraft family move from London to a Scottish Island a year after the death of one of their identical twin daughters Lydia, and following money worries.  The father Angus is returning back to his Scottish roots,… Continue Reading “Book review: A chilling novel – The Ice Twins by SK Tremayne”

Back to books – January 2015 round up

Book round up January 2015

After a really poor year in 2014, where I only read about 16 books all year – from March to September I didn’t read any at all – I signed up again for the Good Reads challenge.  My aim is to read 52 books so hopefully this year I’ll manage it. January started really well, helped by the impetus of post Christmas and having time off work.  Now my reading’s slowed down thanks to starting crochet back up, and trying… Continue Reading “Back to books – January 2015 round up”