How to increase your Pinterest success with 6 simple tips

How to have pinterest success - Bubbablue and me

I love Pinterest. I’ve been using it since it was invitation only way back before I was blogging. And although I now use it for my blog, I’ve not converted my boards to be purely about my niche.  Like my blog, my Pinterest account is eclectic and never-ending, and I still want to use it for personal purposes. I have found over the last year that the focus I’ve put on it has helped make it my number 1 blog… Continue Reading “How to increase your Pinterest success with 6 simple tips”

Making instagram my happy place again – new hashtag communities

Enjoy instagram again new # communities - Bubbablue and me

If you’re on Instagram how do you feel about it at the moment? I used to really enjoy it. I joined before it was somewhere influencers were, before it was included in blog ranking calculations. When it was just about sharing square photos and finding like-minded people to follow without having to use Flickr. But over the last year as it’s become more business oriented, and the algorithms have hit many of us hard, it’s hard to get the same… Continue Reading “Making instagram my happy place again – new hashtag communities”

My most popular blog posts of 2017

best blog posts of 2017 - bubbablue and me

I hope everyone’s having a good 2018 so far. We’ve only just gone back to work and school late this week, so we’re still getting into the swing of the routine again. And I have to admit I’ve been slacker than I’d planned about getting back to blogging again.  I’ve a huge list of post ideas, so it’s a case of getting out the notebook and writing without distractions. I wanted to share my most popular blog posts of 2017. … Continue Reading “My most popular blog posts of 2017”

A change in blog focus – no more photos

change in blog focus - Bubbablue and me

I thought this point would happen this time last year, but no.  It’s finally happened and it means all the forward planning I’ve done for the first time for the blog needs reassessing.  N has told me he doesn’t want photos of himself on the blog or social media.  This means a big change in blog focus. Well, I think it will.  I’m still thinking about how it’s going to work without me totally changing what I write about.  I… Continue Reading “A change in blog focus – no more photos”

Blogging Success – can we all have it?

Blogging success - bubbablue and me

There’s a stat that 90% of blogs started don’t make it to a full year of blogging.  Given I’m 6 (or something like that) years in, I can understand why.  Achieving blogging success can be a time suck unless you’re just writing as and when for yourself and not doing all the associated promotion that’s needed.  Unless you’re lucky enough to be discovered and become a blogging celebrity. In the last year I’ve been surprised at how many bloggers have… Continue Reading “Blogging Success – can we all have it?”

A London South Bank walk – BML17 insta-walk

London southbank insta-walk - Bubbablue and me

After 2 years of having 2 weekends of blog conferences back to back, I know it’s too hard.  In future if the timings are like that again, I’ll be making a decision for one only, and based on  BML17 this year, it won’t be that one unfortunately.  I want to focus this on one of the good things about BML this time, and that was the insta-walk – a London South Bank walk. Much as I love to wander with… Continue Reading “A London South Bank walk – BML17 insta-walk”

Blog on Xmas at Hotel Football

blog on xmas conference - Bubbablue and me

I’ve been going to blogging conferences for a few years now (I think this is my 5th year), but this year was the first year going to Blog on Xmas in Manchester.  Blog on conferences are many bloggers’ highlights of the year so although I tend to be a bit meh about brands at events now, and often don’t get excited about the sessions, I didn’t want to miss out seeing why everyone gets so excited about Laura’s events!  FOMO… Continue Reading “Blog on Xmas at Hotel Football”

Blogging traits – the weird blog world

Blogging traits - weird work of bloggers - Bubbablue and me

Some people start blogging and they might already have got involved on Twitter or Instagram, or follow other bloggers and so understand more about what being a blogger is about. But when I started I knew no bloggers and apart from vaguely being on twitter (ie I set up an account years ago), I had no idea. But 5 (or is it 6) years in, blogging has definitely changed me – I’m now a night owl for example. And that’s… Continue Reading “Blogging traits – the weird blog world”

Why you should edit blog photos and tips on how

How and why you should edit blog photos - Bubbablue and me

With the rapid increase in Instagram users, and bloggers wanting to make their blogs really reflect their content and life visually, photography seems to have enjoyed a resurgence in interest.  Many of my non-blogger friends have ‘big’ cameras (DSLRs that they mostly only use on auto), and the talk amongst bloggers is often about what cameras they should have for photography and/or vlogging.  But there’s so many bloggers who use photos on their blogs but don’t show them off properly. … Continue Reading “Why you should edit blog photos and tips on how”

Tips on coming out with your blog

Going public with your blog- Bubbablue and me

Since starting blogging, I’ve been surprised at how many people haven’t told friends and family about their blogs. It never occurred to me not to make mine public even though I set it up for me, and then N to be able to look back on when he’s older. I happily set mine live, told my mum I was doing it and that was it. The OH isn’t interested – he thinks it’s a waste of time. Otherwise as long… Continue Reading “Tips on coming out with your blog”