Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity

Paper people outline activity ideas for children - Bubbablue and me

Sometimes as a parent we come across something so simple that our children enjoy and wonder why we’ve never thought about it before. It’s only really been this year that N’s been interested in drawing (last year he discovered colouring was fun, this year It’s drawing and writing). He’ll surprise me by getting out numerous boxes of pens, pencils and other craft bits and pieces when I least expect it. It is annoying when I walk in to find sellotape… Continue Reading “Go lifesize with paper people – kids activity”

Easy Easter egg decorating ideas

ideas for decorating easter eggs with Sharpies - Bubbablueandme

We don’t really do a big celebration at Easter.  N gets a few eggs from family, and there’s a big family meal.  Then we try and get out somewhere locally if the weather’s good.  We don’t decorate the house either, but last year I decorated eggs for the first time.  This year I’d been planning to try naturally dyed ones again, as well as using lace to dye a pattern, but decided to opt for an easier method, ie Sharpies.… Continue Reading “Easy Easter egg decorating ideas”

5 easy and cheap (or free) fun paper ideas for children

Every house has paper in it, especially if there’s children around.  And there’s nothing cheaper or potentially more fun than getting creative with paper, whether you’re an adult or child. N isn’t that excited about learning letters or numbers, but he’s been a dab hand at using scissors for the past year which I’m hoping will hold him in good stead for once he starts school and has to do writing!  He also brings home A LOT of paper from… Continue Reading “5 easy and cheap (or free) fun paper ideas for children”

Washi tape ideas – bookmark tutorial

Washi tape ideas - make upcycled folder bookmarks

Months ago I bought some washi tape after seeing some great washi tape ideas over on Pinterest and other blogs.  My intention was to make some bookmarks amonst other things, but it’s only been recently that I got round to finding some time to do it.  Usually when I read books, I just grab whatever bit of paper is around, but it is nice when you use a proper bookmark, especially as then there’s less chance of it being removed by… Continue Reading “Washi tape ideas – bookmark tutorial”

How to make children’s washer necklaces (or medals)

tutorial for washer necklaces

I spotted these really simple fun necklaces over at We Made That, and decided that we’d have a go at making our own versions.  Ok so N’s a boy, but he’s quite happy making these kind of things, and you could in fact put them in party bags if you wanted or have them as an activity at a party. They really don’t take a lot of work, just a bit of drying time.  In fact, I found they needed… Continue Reading “How to make children’s washer necklaces (or medals)”