How to put on a swimming cap and other swim hat dilemmas

Swimming lessons throw up a whole load of dilemmas, not least how to put on a swimming cap. I’ve not updated on N’s swimming journey for a long time.  Mostly because now he swims independently it means I don’t experience it directly, but also it tends to be much of a muchness from one week to the next. One thing that has changed in moving to independent swimming, is that they have to wear swimming caps.  I remember when I… Continue Reading “How to put on a swimming cap and other swim hat dilemmas”

New swimming strokes and butterfly legs

swimming boy

It was such a long time ago now I don’t really remember anything about learning to swim myself. I remember going to the leisure centre at primary school and learning crawl and back stroke but that was it. I never passed my bronze award because I couldn’t surface dive for 10 metres, and even at secondary school I don’t remember being taught strokes.  We were just told to swim the different strokes, if you couldn’t do them it was a… Continue Reading “New swimming strokes and butterfly legs”

Swimming underwater and Nemo chats

swimming boy

Before our last swimming lesson it felt like such a long time since the session before Christmas. Needless to say we didn’t get to the pool over the Christmas holidays, but N didn’t seem too worried about the break. N really enjoyed being back in the pool…once he was in it.  Getting him to actually jump in to me was interesting, as everyone else had jumped in, he was still faffing and trying to negotiate me standing nearer!  I do… Continue Reading “Swimming underwater and Nemo chats”

Baby swimming vs toddler swimming – what’s the difference?

baby swimming vs toddler swimming - Bubbbalue and me

We’ve (well, I’ve) been going to Water Babies swimming lessons with N since he was almost 3 months old.  I think that means we’re pretty qualified in sharing thoughts on the differences between baby swimming and toddler swimming (and I’m talking toddler through to preschool age here).  Is there really that much of a difference or is it that much of a transition? Obviously it very much depends on the child, how frequently you go swimming outside of lessons, and… Continue Reading “Baby swimming vs toddler swimming – what’s the difference?”

When is ill too ill for swimming?

swimming boy

When you’re taking your baby or toddler swimming, it’s always hard to know when they’re ill and shouldn’t be going swimming. They can’t tell you when they’re ill, and often, they could be a bit off colour but still be fine for swimming. With N it’s fairly straightforward as usually when he’s ill, he’s off his food.  Although he has started mentioning his ear, so must now be starting to recognise when things don’t quite feel right. Generally I go… Continue Reading “When is ill too ill for swimming?”

Toddler Swimming: focus on the positives

I’ve mentioned before that N went through some serious water wobbles on his swimming journey.  In fact, almost a year of water wobbles.  But we’ve come through the other side, and he enjoys his swimming lessons again. It’s not all perfection though, and where independent and fickle children are involved, there can still be ups and downs even if generally they do get on well and enjoy their hobbies. N looks forward to his swimming lessons all morning on Saturdays… Continue Reading “Toddler Swimming: focus on the positives”

Missing swimming = guilty mummy

swimming boy

Pah to illness and colds.  It’s definitely the start of Autumn and with it seems to come the onslaught of winter colds.  So much for my vitamin C and zinc combination that worked well last year, but has failed in my attempt to stave off the colds for this year. Both N and I have had colds over the last 2-3 weeks and although if it’s a minor cold I’d probably still go swimming, lots of coughing and being totally… Continue Reading “Missing swimming = guilty mummy”

What’s the best swimwear for boys?

Kick the ball - children's rash vest

We’ve been swimming a while with N, since he was a few months old, and have been through a lot with him during our Water Babies journey.  But as they grow it’s hard to know what they should wear. Having had to put N in a happy nappy as that’s what most pools request, and what Water Babies require, has been fine – I’d much rather struggle to get him into a tight pair of those each week than suffer… Continue Reading “What’s the best swimwear for boys?”