A Gruffalo Experience in Milton Keynes

Gruffalo experience Easter 2016 Milton Keynes

We love Julia Donaldson books, with the Gruffalo being one of N’s favourite characters.  We’ve seen The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child on stage, so when I noticed there was a Gruffalo Experience running this spring at Milton Keynes I decided to take N along. I presumed it was going to be similar to The Lost Gift, an immersive experience where you met characters as the story was told, and it wasn’t far off. We arrived having totally mucked up… Continue Reading “A Gruffalo Experience in Milton Keynes”

London calling for the Tiger Who Came to Tea

jubilee park southbank london

The first time N went to London he was under two and slept through most of the day, and the reason we went was mostly to meet friends.  This summer, I’d managed to get tickets for Kidsweek, ie free children’s tickets to see the show The Tiger who Came to Tea at the Lyric Theatre. It was a long wait after buying the tickets to wait for the day to come round, but eventually it did last week.  We were… Continue Reading “London calling for the Tiger Who Came to Tea”

Children and theatre trips – take them young or wait til older?

Theatre curtain title #sp

I have a very fidgety pre-schooler.  One who even at the age of three rarely sits and watches a whole 30 minute Tractor Ted dvd without getting up to wander round, pick up toys and play.  He will watch repeats of shorter programmes, and is partial to watching a western or rocking to AC/DC dvds with his dad, but try and show him a normal children’s animated film, and we won’t even get through the opening credits before he’s moaning… Continue Reading “Children and theatre trips – take them young or wait til older?”