Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse

breaking down dance barriers and inspiring boys - Bubbablue and me

I love dance. So much so that I’ve set up my dance blog to get the word going and try and encourage other people who debate about starting dance but don’t dare. My route back to dancing is a little sporadic during the summer – having a husband who works all hours 7 days a week during harvest and a 5 year old who needs babysitting, isn’t conducive to dancing twice a week. But it’s my passion and it’s great… Continue Reading “Get boys comfortable with dance – inspired by Motionhouse”

Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?

children's chatter - dancing

Now I’m back dancing again, I’m trying to get there 2 nights a week.  That helps on the fitness side, but also gives me a bit of a social life outside of work – although I don’t see many of my old friends there there’s only so much chatting and socialising I actually do. Me dancing does seem to confuse N a little though, and it makes it hard to get the bedtime routine done on time and bedtime stories… Continue Reading “Children’s chatter – Who do you dance with?”

Pushy parents (inspired by Dance Moms)

I do have some favourite tv shows, and some of them might be classed as trashy. Many of those I tend to only catch glimpses of inbetween catching up on those shows I’ve recorded, others I just have to watch.  Anything dance oriented and I’m there – although only having freeview does mean I miss many of the shows because they’re only on Sky. I caught a chat on twitter about the show Dance Moms on Sky a while back but… Continue Reading “Pushy parents (inspired by Dance Moms)”

Dance like no-one’s watching – the buzz of dance

The buzz of dance - getting back to modern jive Bubbablue and me

I mentioned back in October that I’d started dancing again.  I love to dance. As a child, I did ballet from the age of 4 to 16 when I had to give up due to having school on Saturdays, a few years of modern dance (because tap clashed with brownies – although I think I’d have been a better tap dancer than modern).  Apart from school dances, a few ballroom lessons before our annual ball, and clubbing at uni, I… Continue Reading “Dance like no-one’s watching – the buzz of dance”

Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd

doing the mashed potato dance

I’ve shared in the past how N is a bit of a rock child, in that he loves watching and dancing along to AC/DC.  We don’t generally listen to children’s music as I’ve not come across anything to date which doesn’t put me off listening.  Cue bad nursery rhyme mixes and the like.  So when we were offered the chance to review Pop Goes the Name, I thought we might be on to something better. Pop Goes Your Name has… Continue Reading “Pop Goes Your Name – children’s personalised cd”