Enjoying a spontaneous Think Tank Birmingham visit

Think Tank Birmingham - Bubbablueandme

There’s nothing like a day out discovering something new, and it’s even better when there’s something educational about it too. At the end of the Christmas holidays, we needed to get out of the house and stay away from the OH who had tonsillitis, so I suggested a visit to Think Tank in Birmingham. It was manic rush because at 8.15am I suggested it, booked tickets, checked train times, got showered and dressed, had breakfast, and then caught the train.… Continue Reading “Enjoying a spontaneous Think Tank Birmingham visit”

Black country living museum – exploring historic real life

Visiting Black Country Living Museum - Bubbablue and me

Since having N, I’ve revisited so many of the places we went to as children. My mums used to take us all over the UK visiting different attractions and counties, and I’ve wanted to continue that with N. Not only does it get him away from the farm, learning that there are other options out there. But also for educational reasons. Visiting a historic location will bring history to life much better than reading about it in school.  The Black… Continue Reading “Black country living museum – exploring historic real life”

Day out at Dudley Zoo

Day trip to dudley zoo - Bubbablue and me

Zoos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we quite like them. Our latest visit was a great opportunity to talk conservation of animals with N as he was asking about why we had zoos. We had a spare day and I was looking for something to do outdoors to make the most of the outdoors and some of the only sun on my week off work.  After comparing Whipsnade and Dudley Zoo, I decided that Dudley was better value and… Continue Reading “Day out at Dudley Zoo”

Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit

Buying tents at the caravan camping and motorhome show Bubbablue and me

After our first friends camping trip last summer, we’re booked to go again this year.  I did a lot of research into buying a tent and opted for a Vango 4 man tent.  It was easy to put up even on my own, but there were a few things I wanted to change prior to another camping trip.  So that one needs to be sold on, and I wanted to upgrade to a taller, probably bigger one with a porch/door… Continue Reading “Caravan camping and motorhome show – the visit”

Birmingham day trip – Wonderful World of Trains and Planes

Birmingham day trip to wonderful world of train and planes

I’ve decided I really should avoid going to places when it’s raining.  Or at least have a list of places suitable to visit when it’s wet, without being overrun and needing to queue. During half term I’d take N on a day trip to Birmingham, and we’d finally go to Think Tank.  Not a problem you’d think, it’ll be less busy than London, we can go by train and I’ll not book in advance because N’s fussy and sometimes refuses… Continue Reading “Birmingham day trip – Wonderful World of Trains and Planes”

Going back in time at Avoncroft Museum

Avoncroft Museum windmill

I spotted Avoncroft Museum featuring on a couple of other blogs, and immediately thought how much I’d like to visit.  I hated history at school, but seeing it in real life really makes history more interesting (and easier to take it in).  We were offered the chance to visit and couldn’t wait to check it out. I have to admit, I’d not really twigged exactly what the museum is.  It’s a collection of historical buildings (and telephone boxes), but I’d not… Continue Reading “Going back in time at Avoncroft Museum”