Trams and the Imperial War Museum in Manchester

Manchester imperial war museum day out - Bubbablue and me

I love city breaks although they’re not always conducive to children unless they’re fairly open to trying new things and doing museums. But when we visited my best friend who’s 8 months pregnant, I didn’t expect we’d be heading out further than a nip to the park. I managed to offload 2 huge bags of hand-me-down clothes to my godson, and after a brief catch up we decided to head out to Media City where there was a makers market… Continue Reading “Trams and the Imperial War Museum in Manchester”

CBeebies fun at Geronimo Festival Tatton

Geronimo festival screen - Bubbablue and me

Phew, it’s taken a while to get round to writing up our Geronimo Festival experience. I’d spotted the festival last year but couldn’t make it – but this year arranged to go and visit my best friend in Manchester, and then take her boy and N to Geronimo. I was horrified at the cost of tickets (£20 each, with the annoying £1.50+ per ticket Ticketmaster booking costs on top!), but decided it was worth it for a full day of… Continue Reading “CBeebies fun at Geronimo Festival Tatton”

Catching up with friends in Manchester

A weekend with friends in Manchester - Bubbablue and me

As I get older I realise that many friendships fall by the wayside. Some it’s no big deal as we grow apart. Some I’m sad about.  Many of the latter is due to working full time, missing out on weekday meet ups, and family time being the priority for others at weekends.  But my best friend from uni is still there throughout. Bizarrely we rarely see or speak to each other throughout the year. We try and meet up 2… Continue Reading “Catching up with friends in Manchester”