Project 52 2018 week 9 – animal bond

Animal bond -black labrador with chin being rubbed by boy

Needless to say, this week has mostly been about snow and freezing temperatures. The week started as normal, but Wednesday it snowed pretty all day on and off without settling. It was strange – blue skies one minute, then white and grey skies and snow the next. Like snowy April showers. Thursday it seemed that we were one of the only schools open, but we hadn’t had much.  I workIt was nice to be able to pick up N at… Continue Reading “Project 52 2018 week 9 – animal bond”

Making friends and growing up with puppies

Making friends with puppies - Bubbablue and me

Being on a farm means there’s lots of animals around.  N is certainly learning how to care for them, everything about them, and an appreciation of them.  But most of the animals are livestock rather than pets.  Even the dogs are working dogs (well, apart from the old or gun shy ones).  But get new puppies on the farm, and it’s like having a pet for the short time before they start training and the OH gets stroppy that we’re… Continue Reading “Making friends and growing up with puppies”

My Sunday Photo – friendly labrador

My Sunday Photo - Black Labrador

Our labrador is meant to be a gun dog.  We went to pick her up when N was just under 3 months old, so they’ve grown up together.  She’s a lovely temperament, is great around children and is a good protector. She is a rubbish gundog though, because she’s gunshy. She’s too nervy and doesn’t like loud noises.  So she mostly just roams the farm all day. This morning though, I’d opened the door to get a shot of the… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – friendly labrador”