One boy and his dog - on the door step

The great outdoors obsession

I guess being born into a farming family, I can’t get away from the fact that N was going to be into the great outdoors, but it does seem very extreme.  Luckily we’re going into Spring at just the right time when he’s walking confidently and wanting to explore everywhere.  However, it does mean that given we have various dogs wandering loose around the farm all day, I have to keep a watch out for any ‘presents’ that need removing before he wanders out and about.

We try and get outside at least once a day, but being in a rural environment does make it so much easier as we can just go for a wander round the garden if it’s dry, or down to the yard if it’s a bit wetter.  A long drive does make it more interesting and a longer wander round than living in a town.

We’re getting into the habit of going to see the cows in the barns (god knows what will happen once the cows are turned out into the fields); the chickens are quite often out so he’s happy to point to those and watch them.  And obviously the dogs are a favourite.  The ‘pup’s’ a bit too lively still and usually thinks we’ve come out to play with her, but she is really gentle with N (he thinks it’s hysterical when he gets licked by her, but I’d rather she didn’t!).  And Bess, the older labrador is his real favourite – he loves going to see her when she’s in her bed area, so he can stroke her.  We’ve taught him to ‘gently stroke’ her, and he’s so far been really good.  He’s stopped the ‘patting’ so hopefully it’s sunk in.

One boy and his dog - on the door step

He loves his cosy coupe car and Smart Trike (both bargain buys), but I can’t wait until he can pedal these things himself.  The cosy coupe he goes backwards, but gets stuck when he goes off the patio and onto the gravel!

The nightmare is when I’m trying to get him back in the house after being outside.  This could be going from the car after picking him up from nursery, or after being outside for a while.  He just wants to stay outside, and will turn back down the drive again to go off the way he wants.  It’s lucky I can still pick him up, it’ll be a lot harder when he’s bigger and can run off.

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