Party idea: Pizza making at Pizza Express

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I’d not come across this before (can’t believe how I missed out hearing about it!), but we went pizza making at Pizza Express for our team’s work Christmas lunch.  If you’re looking for something a bit different for a party idea, it’s definitely one to look out for. They do children’s and adults versions, so something for any age. We had a great time.  There was someone looking after us and explaining what we’d be doing, then we had some… Continue Reading “Party idea: Pizza making at Pizza Express”

Growth spurts equals increased expense

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When N’s going through a growth spurt, it’s an expensive business. At least he’s only 2, but I hate to think how much it’s going to cost when he’s a teenager on a growth spurt to feed him. I mean, it’s bad enough feeding a husband who’s got a physical job and likes good quality meat (British only), not forgetting a love of fresh fruit for myself and N, but two males in the family with huge appetites is going… Continue Reading “Growth spurts equals increased expense”

Food grabber

I reckon I’ve probably established for everyone reading that N likes his food. So much so, that he’s started getting a bit sly about getting hold of it. First, I’d find him opening his cupboard door in the kitchen…where his plates, bowls, bibs and any snack foods etc are kept (you can read about the prune occasion here if you’ve not seen it before).  I then got clever and any opened or easily accessible boxes, are now decanted into a tupperware… Continue Reading “Food grabber”

Food’s more fun with mum

Says I. N gets a real mix of food.  At home (and nursery), it’s pretty much all home cooked, with home being more traditional.  The OH isn’t a fan of indian or chinese, or anything other than traditional British with a bit of italian thrown in.  So having him in nursery means he gets different tastes that he wouldn’t at home. He is a bit funny with some foods that children tend to like.  Pizza – hit and miss.  If… Continue Reading “Food’s more fun with mum”

Food glorious food

Food’s always a worrying thing when it comes to babies.  If it’s your first, you’re probably scared of weaning and how it’ll go, then once they’re eating it’s a worry about how much or what they should be eating. I chose to go with Baby Led Weaning, and it’s been going really well (although I think it’s been easier due to the fact that Nathaniel knew straight away what to do and has always been a good eater).  For us,… Continue Reading “Food glorious food”

Let’s talk food: #BAD11

I’ve found that it’s Blog Action Day 2011, and the theme is food.  One of my favourite topics, and I think probably one of Nathaniel’s too.  He seems to spend a lot of time eating when not sleeping/playing. So food… Feeding a baby does create a lot of food waste even if the baby does eat well.  There’s only so much chewed up leftovers that I would want to pick at!  Luckily our council is hot on recycling so we… Continue Reading “Let’s talk food: #BAD11”