8 things you lose when you have kids

8 things you lose when you have kids - Bubbablue and me

When I was still against having children, I remember a good friend saying to me that she felt having her children really changed her. She felt she was less selfish than previously which I was surprised about because she was one of the people I would say is most generous with her time and support. Her reasoning was that she was obviously looking out more for her children than thinking about herself all the time. There’s certainly a lot of… Continue Reading “8 things you lose when you have kids”

The 10 positions of sleeping children

We all know and appreciate how angelic children look when they’re asleep.  It can definitely be deceptive with even little monkeys looking like butter wouldn’t melt while they’re sleeping. It’s another story when you go up to bed and find the child has crept out of their room, and made themselves comfortable in your bed.  Or even when you wake up in the night to find them alongside you. There’s been plenty of articles which share the various sleeping positions… Continue Reading “The 10 positions of sleeping children”

Postman Pat has multiplied

driving the car like postman pat

I’m trying to avoid N getting too caught up on characters at the moment.  He’s obsessed with Peppa Pig (damn that pig), even before he’d seen the show, and is a fan of Thomas the Tank Engine books (and occasionally the show).  It’s terrible how young children get hooked so easily onto a tv programme, however good it is. N knows who Postman Pat is – he’s seen one tv programme and we’ve read a couple of the books that… Continue Reading “Postman Pat has multiplied”

Toilet talk

pants as a hat toilet training

I’m always amused by the discussions that N and his dad have.  They always seem very different to those I have with him.  I dread to think what they might turn out like by the time N’s older and supposedly wiser (or maybe not if his father continues to spout nonsense at him!) N’s toilet training at his own whim, but in the mornings I do have to really encourage him to go.  He’ll quite happily stay dry all night,… Continue Reading “Toilet talk”

Must watch my language

It’s now come to the point where I really need to start watching my language.  In particular in the car.  I really turn potty mouthed when driving, obviously due to the idiocy that appears to be quite a few road users these days. Prior to this week I’d not been too worried as although N’s three, he’s not really copied me that much.  And even if his dad’s been teaching him to say embarrassing things like ‘you’re gawgus’, ‘totty’ and… Continue Reading “Must watch my language”