School Days – owl day

owl babies homework

This week’s school days was more eventful than normal. The last week before half term, and it feels like they’ve only just gone back after Christmas. Here’s this week. Sick day It’s not often N has a day off sick. This was his second day this year, which is a lot for him. On Sunday he came down with a horrible cold, which continued into Monday. So he had the day off (being bored – at least he does find… Continue Reading “School Days – owl day”

Reading levels and book bands in Key Stage 1

how to understand reading levels and book bands in primary school - Bubbablue and me

When children start school the one thing that is the most confusing (other than where do all those lost jumpers and water bottles go?) is reading. Not the learning to read because phonics system makes sense.  But reading schemes, book bands and reading levels. Back in the 70s and 80s when I was learning to read it was easy to understand. Everyone seemed to do Roger Red Hat, Billy Blue Hat etc, and then whizzed on to whatever books were… Continue Reading “Reading levels and book bands in Key Stage 1”