41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas

Lego storage drawers on wheels

Lego is a brilliant toy.  But it’s a pain to store. It’s lovely being able to store sets in their boxes, but it’s rare in our house that anything stays complete or near its original box.  We’ve recently had a declutter and reviewed our Lego storage, so I wanted to share some of our storage solutions. N has a huge Lego collection.  From sets he’s been bought through to Lego from my childhood (some of which was my dad’s). I’m… Continue Reading “41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas”

What to do with old journals over time


When we were clearing out my mum’s house after she died, it really made me think about all the personal items we hoard. We hold onto our memories, but after we die, there’s no purpose for them. Yes family photos may be kept (although for the life of me I don’t know where the ones I kept have gone), but holiday snaps and other momentos don’t mean anything to other people to pass on. Decluttering is big business at the… Continue Reading “What to do with old journals over time”

How to declutter without getting stressed

how to declutter without getting stressed - Bubbablue and me

My OH tells everyone I’m a hoarder. I don’t believe I am, because I do declutter every so often. More often for some items than others admittedly. But I do have a lot of stuff and there’s definitely not enough room for everything despite us living in a large 3 bed house. It’s more noticeable because the OH doesn’t really have anything apart from clothes, a smartphone and tablet, shoes. And a few farming books and magazines. Add in having… Continue Reading “How to declutter without getting stressed”

How to organise emails and be more productive

how to organise emails and be more productive Bubbablue and me

I’m one of those people who has a lot of stuff.  Piles of things I need to hand, items which don’t find their way back to their homes (if they even have one), and just generally too much stuff.  I’ve started decluttering using the Kon Mari method and haven’t yet started the paper task, which is going to be scary. But that’s real and physical items.  My virtual world is quite different. At work, we’re paperless where possible which really… Continue Reading “How to organise emails and be more productive”

The Konmari method – solving a clutter and organisation problem

from this to this using the konmari method of decluttering and tidying - Bubbablueandme

A few months ago I discovered the Konmari method of organisation and had to buy the book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo.  I literally blitzed my way through it, in the hope that I’d be motivated to seriously declutter my stuff and ultimately the house. Before I moved in there wasn’t much there – the OH lived in an empty un-lived in house with furniture, some clothes, some kitchenware and that was about it.  Being a… Continue Reading “The Konmari method – solving a clutter and organisation problem”

What to sell at a car boot sale and be successful

successful car boot sale tips

I mentioned the other week that my brother and I had done a car boot sale.  Neither of us had done one for a while, although I do occasionally drop in for a bit of a nosy round in case I spot books or games for N.  But we needed to start clearing out our mum’s house so we don’t get to the end of Summer and just have to store or skip everything. It was a case of working… Continue Reading “What to sell at a car boot sale and be successful”