The understatement that is…turning six

The birthday understatement of turning six years old - Bubbablue and me

A child’s birthday should be a big thing for them.  But I think this year, N turning six was more exciting for me than it was for him. Unless he’s just very good at hiding his excitement (unlikely, although he is fairly understated).  Unfortunately he had a bit of a snuffly nose before his birthday weekend, so that might have dampened his excitement. Birthday presents We may as well have not given N any presents. Just a number balloon did… Continue Reading “The understatement that is…turning six”

Spooky Halloween babies

Or just cute? It seems having a baby lets you dress them up (poor them, although great photos & comeback for when they’re older and being horrible teens).  I hate fancy dress, so wanted something relatively tame for Nathaniel’s first experience.  Our NCT group were having a Halloween party, and we wanted to get as many different outfits as possible…which flukily ended up being pretty much perfect. For this, the men were also invited (although needless to say mine was… Continue Reading “Spooky Halloween babies”