Farm animal ownership at the age of four

cows on the farm

Being a farmer’s son it would take a lot to put off a child from being a farmer.   Dad worship, uncle worship and just living on the farm and seeing what’s going on is obviously a big draw for young children. I wish N was more like his youngest cousin who likes the farm, but doesn’t spend every spare hour on it.  Unfortunately he’s more like cousin number 3 who’s on the farm at any opportunity when he’s not in… Continue Reading “Farm animal ownership at the age of four”

Pocket money or wages for a four year old

carrying the milk bucket to feed the calf

N isn’t old enough yet to get proper pocket money. It’s obviously different for every child, but we’ll probably do similar to what my mum did and agree that he can get pocket money on the assumption that he’s kept his room tidy (it’s not looking optimistic for the future at the moment!) and he helps out around the house doing the usual things like putting his stuff in the dishwasher and helping put clothes away etc.  Anything essential he… Continue Reading “Pocket money or wages for a four year old”

Toddler chores

N’s big on toddler chores at the moment.  He loves helping out; getting used to helping doing things round the house (however unhelpfully at the moment) may (fingers crossed) mean he’s more willing to help when he’s older. So far he loves: Cooking.  A bit lethal as I have to ensure I keep knives well away from his reach, but he loves trying to peel carrots and potatoes, and mixing anything we’re baking. Washing.  Emptying the washing machine is fun… Continue Reading “Toddler chores”