Enjoying pancakes at Little Amsterdam Banbury

Pancakes at little amsterdam - bubbablue and me.

We love pancakes in our house. As with most people it’s rare we have them more frequently than the lemon and sugar ones on pancake day.  But sometimes you just fancy them at other times.  Locally we’re lucky enough to have a dutch pancake restaurant, Little Amsterdam Banbury. N had never been before, but we went to the cinema to see Paddington 2 (how cute is that film, we loved it…and I shed a tear or two at the end)… Continue Reading “Enjoying pancakes at Little Amsterdam Banbury”

Eating out with children in Lyndhurst New Forest

Eating out with children Lyndhurst New Forest - Bubbablue and me

I love eating out and going out and going on holiday in the UK. We usually do bed and breakfast which means eating out every night. Annoyingly, despite N being a good eater, I daren’t spend money on more adventurous cuisines in case he won’t eat them. He gripes about the indian and chinese foods at school, and his version of chicken fajitas excludes guacamole and sour cream so when we were away for a few days in the New… Continue Reading “Eating out with children in Lyndhurst New Forest”

Pub Club – eating out at The Three Pigeons Banbury

I’m a fussy person when it comes to eating out.  I begrudge the person who decided to make lots of pub food posh and get away from the traditional meals many of which I would eat.  Plus of course making pub food much more expensive at the same time.  But being married to a farmer and generally mixing with mutual friends for meals out, it does mean that we eat at a lot of village pubs…as long as there’s steak… Continue Reading “Pub Club – eating out at The Three Pigeons Banbury”