How to tie a scarf 13 ways

12 ways to tie a scarf - Bubbablue and me

I don’t really accessorise that much.  I certainly didn’t in the past. A pair of stud earrings (I’ve given up wearing really nice earring because I have a tendency to lose them. 2 pairs of diamond earrings lost – even having the metal detector out didn’t find the second pair lost at home somewhere) Watch (or Fitbit* currently) Handbag Occasionally a hat if it’s really cold Occasionally a necklace or bracelet if it’s a night out. But the last few years… Continue Reading “How to tie a scarf 13 ways”

Winter wonderland – what makes winter so special?


The temperature’s due to drop here this evening, and being out in the countryside we do tend to see some of the colder temperatures in our region. We’re also just getting the advent calendar ready so that means we’re out of the mellow mists of autumn and into the frosty ice-scraping mornings of winter. What makes the winter season a winter wonderland… Clear blue skies and crisp frosty weather Snuggling under fluffy blankets Hot chocolate Big winter coats Wearing boots… Continue Reading “Winter wonderland – what makes winter so special?”

Snow day

It's cold outside

I have to add the obligatory snow post, given it’s caused a lot of hassle and cancelled events as per usual. We had snow falling from about 3pm yesterday to about 4pm today, so a fair lot.  Although it looks a bit strange today…nothing on my car, then drifts in various places around the house, because we’re really exposed on the farm, and it was being blown all over the place. Happy we didn’t need to go anywhere today, although… Continue Reading “Snow day”

It’s snow fun

toddler in the snow

I’m not a fan of snow.  Well, I suppose I am, as long as I don’t have to: Go anywhere or get back from anywhere.  That’s work, shopping, nursery run, err anywhere! Actually that’s it.  Snow’s all very nice to look at, go walking in (if it’s just you, obedient dogs and camera, no kids to lug round), but if you need to do anything and you don’t live within walking distance of work, shops and friends, then it’s a… Continue Reading “It’s snow fun”