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Timeline game review – Asmodee board game bloggers

As part of our role with the Asmodee board game club, we were sent 3 more games to try out and review.  The first is Timeline, which is a card game I’ve not heard of before.  We’ve had a lot of fun playing it though, and N proclaimed it one of his favourite games.

Timeline game review - Bubbablue and me

I’m a big fan of games that come in little tins – they seem to have come more popular over the years. Timeline is in a dinky tin making it perfect to take away on holiday.  I think we’ll be putting it in our camping activity bag for next summer. Included in the tin are the playing cards and the instruction leaflet. Thankfully it’s an easy game to get playing quickly although you do need pretty good eyesight to read the small font on the leaflet.

timeline game cards

The idea of the game is to get rid of all your cards first by placing them correctly on the timeline. Simple idea, but it gets more complicated the more cards are on the table.  For age 8+ and from 2 to 8 players, it’s also good to learn a bit more about serious and more random events in time.

To play Timeline

Each player gets 4 cards, in the centre the top card of the deck is the starting card in the middle. Each person in turn chooses one of their cards to place in the right timeslot on next to the card laid out. If they place their card correctly on the timeline, it gets left there, if they’re incorrect it gets removed from the game and they choose another card from the pile.  Obviously the more dates on the table, it’s harder to work out when your cards fit in.

timeline cards up close

The game only takes around 15 minutes to play and with virtually no set up required, it’s good to just get it out for a break from doing other things like while you’re waiting for dinner to cook, or a break from homework.  Although it says age 8, younger children would be able to play and learn from it, even if they won’t necessarily have the knowledge to work out the timelines.

playing timeline game

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It really makes you think about when things happen, and it’s quite surprising to see how long ago some items were created.

What we loved

  • How fast it is to play – it doesn’t need a massive reading of instructions to work out how to play.
  • It’s simple to follow along
  • It’s educational with dates from pre-Christ, through famous film and book launches to modern day inventions.
  • It’s a good talking point to reminisce and discuss further with children around inventions. I was surprised that N had heard of Charles Darwin (although maybe not given he watches Horrible Histories).
  • Keep it neat and tidy in its tin.
  • Good for taking on holiday

There are other lines in the Timeline range of games, including intentions, historical events, music & cinema, Star Wars, British History edition and more, so you can choose which one suits your family or friends. I think after a few games you’d remember all the dates, so having a few games and mixing them up would be a bigger challenge.

You can find out more on the Asmodee website or buy Timeline from Amazon.


Disclosure: We were sent the game for the purpose of review as an Asmodee board game blogger. All opinions and words are my own.

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