bike t shirt from Sainsburys

Trendy Thursday – whales and bicycle t shirts

I’ve been trying to look out for some more summery t shirts, and Sainsbury’s came to the rescue as usual the other week.  I’m always in there checking their boyswear out.  Add to that their regular 25% off Tu clothing, and I was pleased to spot a couple of t shirts that would be perfect for N.

While he has a few shirts with all over motifs, I’m not usually that keen on them when I’ve seen them on other children.  Mostly because I think they look like pyjama tops.  But I loved this bicycle t shirt.

I think N has got a bit confused because he kept asking me if there were really bikes like that in real life.  So started a discussion about tandems.

The t-shirt’s really soft and as with most clothes I buy N, it’s got plenty of growing room.  It’s gone down well with N as well.

bike t shirt from Sainsburys

The second shirt was a polo style one with whales  and boats on.  I do like N in a polo shirt (they do look a bit smarter than plain round neck tees) and many of his polo shirts from last year are going to be too short for this summer.  So finding this one was perfect timing.

Tu at Sainsburys whale t shirts

N doesn’t wear much green, but this teal’s one of my favourite colours, and it just adds a bit more colour.  He’s been wearing it with grey cords today, but it will go really well with shorts this summer.  And yes, I’ve just managed to get some for him today in Matalan who had some lovely chino shorts in their new season offer.

It’ll be lovely to see some warmer, sunnier weather soon.  N’s already started asking why the sky doesn’t get dark as quickly any more.  I think I need to re-read up on the science of day and night to prepare as his questions get more complicated!

What bargains have you found recently clotheswise?

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  1. N always looks so smart! I wish Sam would wear polo shirts! He chews the collars on them. SIGH. I love the Bicycle Tee! Thanks for sharing #TT_Thursday

  2. I’m right there with you on the polo shit front, boys really do look smarter in polos. I’ve just topped up Lewis’s collection recently and most of his are now polo tops. Great finds. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

    1. Seems Sainsbury’s are doing a lot of vehicle based tees at the moment. Just spotted another one today, but not in N’s size. Bikes are a pretty fun print.

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