picnic with ellas kitchen and trunki paddlepak
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A day trip essential with trunki paddlepak

I shared our day trip out to see the crocodiles, and of course we took a picnic. Personally on a day out I like to have a treat sometimes and eat out, but with N permanently asking for a snack, I always take food out with us. On this occasion we took a picnic as N had got a thing about them at the moment.

Being out and about with children, there’s no such thing as only taking a handbag, there’s a need for drinks, food, potentially wipes and a change of clothes. To save me carrying everything, we do love N’s trunki paddlepak, that we previously reviewed. Ok, so we usually rely on it as his swim bag – obviously the water resistant nature lends it to this use. But as a day bag it’s great. Better than his nursery rucksack which is too bulky for him to wear on a day trip out, and it’s a lot more fun and attractive for children to wear. I’m impressed that the bag’s lasted so long, compared with some bags which get holes in quickly.

While I had the main part of lunch that needed keeping cool in a small cool bag, he was able to have his own drink, plus an old ice cream tub of other bits and pieces of our lunch. There was plenty of room left in the paddlepak although, but the closure clip does stay closed better if you’re not ramming it full.

N’s friend H noticed N wearing it straight away. I find it’s always a talking point and having the lobster character helps you talk about the different animals. Thankfully this day trip, we only took the paddlepak, not the gorgeous little Jellyfish grab bag and paddlepak crab purse that N was sent by Trunki. I think one bag is plenty enough, although N has been insistent recently on taking these into town, and to a country show.

It appears he likes to have money with him, and to help me carry things in his bag even though I worry he’ll leave them somewhere. More on these in another post to come.

The picnic went down really well as usual. I think N loves the way the different food options keep coming.

picnic at crocodiles of the world with trunki paddlepak and ellas kitchen

Both boys were eager to try the Ella’s Kitchen snacks we were sent to try out on our next picnic.


Neither were that keen on the parsnip and poppy seed cracker bites, although I quite liked them. I think they’re more of an adult taste, and were a little dry to eat lots. Definitely the small bag was the right size for them. But the version of squashed fly biscuits went down a treat – they’re raisin and spelt cookies went down nicely as a sweet sign off to the meal…well before N came back for an apple and whatever else was left!

picnic with ellas kitchen and trunki paddlepak

We’ll definitely be taking our paddlepak out for more day trips. I think the next might be on our trip to the south west in a week or so, when we’ll be hopefully getting to the beach. Being water resistant will be a great help, especially if it helps avoid sand getting inside the bag too.

If you like the look of the trunki Paddlepaks (and why wouldn’t you?), I’ve got a giveaway for you. There’s one prize of a paddlepak of your choice, and all you need to do to enter is tell me in the comments below which paddlepak you’d choose, who you’d give it to and where you would take it. Then hit enter on the rafflecopter widget. You can enter the optional entries if you if you so choose. T&cs are below

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  1. I would choose Inky the PaddlePak Octopus for my Great Nephew George. He loves the beach at Tynemouth, and would look very stylish wearing this!

  2. I would choose Sheldon the turtle for my daughter. We have just returned from a holiday to the Dominican, where she saw turtles swimming in their natural habitat and now loves them! I would take this bag on days out and any future holidays we may take.

  3. PaddlePak Octopus – Inky. I would give it to my daughter. We would use it when she goes swimming, to park anywhere really. It’s so cute x

  4. Aww blowfish spike! ❤️ do I have to share with my kids or can I ditch my handbag and have spike instead?!

  5. I like Spike the fish best. Will save it until my little one is older – I’m sure they’ll want to take it everywhere

  6. I’d choose Tang the Tropical Fish for my little girl and we’d take it that the beach (not a tropical one unfortunately!)

  7. I’d choose the frog for my great little nephew, he loves them and he would take it hopping along everywhere he goes =D

  8. I would choose the paddlepak sharkfin for my son who is seven and we would take it to our local beach to do some rock pooling and would carry our packed lunch and net and bucket in the paddlepak

  9. The clown fish for my daughter she loves them and has a fish of her own ! We would take it to seaworld when we visit soon as part of her birthday present and of course to the beach.

  10. I would pick the paddlepack tropical – tang. I would give it to my son Riley to use on our holidays xx

  11. I would pick the Lobster-pinch and give it my Grandaughter. She could use it for nursery and going on days out 🙂

  12. My 3 year old son loves the clown fish he has just started nursery so this would be perfect for him to take some toys and snacks with him in

  13. I would choose the clown fish for my son because he loves finding Nemo. We are taking him on holiday abroad for the first time in the spring so it would be ideal for all the time we will spend on the beach.

  14. I think I would choose PaddlePak Clown Fish – Chuckles for my son and he’s take it to pre-school, swimming and probably everywhere!

  15. I would choose Pink Flo for my niece. She would probably put all her toys in it for when we go on long journeys in the car! She loves to to shopping too so she would probably help me carry mine by carrying some in her rucksack 🙂

  16. I would choose the clown fish and give it to my grandson.We would take it on visits to the park,on walks in the countryside and day trips to the seaside.

  17. I love the purple inky the octopus, I would give it to my niece so that she could take her swimming kit in a fab bag to her lesson each week!!!!!!

  18. i would choose, PaddlePak Octopus – Inky but my two boys would have to share it, take it in turns to take it swimming!!!

  19. PaddlePak Killer Whale
    it would be
    as my daughter
    loves the sea
    a whale thrown in
    would make her beach holiday
    filled with glee

  20. I would have the shark and give it to my little one, who has a nasty bite on him!!!!! we would take it swimming

  21. I’d pick the frog for my twin boys and we’d use the bag daily for there change of clothes and drinks etc

  22. it has to be the F1 Lotus racing car. I’d give it to my nephew is the least spoilt boy in the world.

  23. If i had a paddle pack I would give it to my son to take to his first day of school tomorrow. EEEEEEE!!!

  24. I would pick the shark for my grandaughter, and she could put her snacks in it when we take her on day trips x

  25. The occtopus, for my youngest grandson, next time we go on a shark hunt at the ford in the river

  26. pinch the lobster for my 5year old, we would take it everywhere! the beach, the woods and even on holiday!

  27. I would give it to my friends for her son and i think i would pick the lobster so he can take it to the beach with him

  28. If it was up to me I would pick the shark but as it would be for my son I would let him choose. We would take it when we go swimming or to the beach xx

  29. I would choose the clown fish for my niece Sophie as she is full of chuckles. We would take it on holiday with us in the caravan.

  30. Aw, Sheldon the Turtle is awesome! I would give him to my nephew but he is only 5 weeks old at the moment so he can’t go anywhere with it quite yet 😉

  31. Paddlepak Shark – my godson – we’d take it to Deep Sea world as he is mad on sharks

  32. I would pick PaddlePak Shark to my son and we would take it on our holidays next January to Tenerife

  33. Sheldon the turtle for my daughter. We would take her lunch in it to the sealife centre 🙂

  34. i would so love to win inky the octopus and take it evrytime we go to the park which is all the time.the kids acn pack their own picnics and then carry it and get evrything out ready when they are there

  35. We already have the killer whale but my daughter really wants the dolphin! We take ours literally everywhere as they are deceptively roomy and obviously waterproof. My daughter finds it really comfy to wear compared to other backpacks too xx

  36. I would choose the Paddlepak Octopus – Inky, I would give it to my Daughter and we’d take it to the beach 🙂

  37. my little girl loves the clown fish we would take it to the beach and swimming pool

  38. I’d choose the lobster one for my son, and we’d use it for our day trips to the seaside.

  39. I’d choose the Blue Bob for a day poking about along the beach. We’d love to keep it but I think we’d gift it to my niece for her birthday.

  40. Inky Octopus for my grandson, we’d take it for a picnic at the Crook o’ Lune in Lancaster

  41. Id choose the lobster for my niece. im taking her to the seaside for 2 nights at the end of august so this would be ideal.

  42. I’d pick the lobster to give to my youngest daughter – we’d straight away take it down to the beach for some stone throwing and maybe some blue feet paddling!

  43. I’d pick the PaddlePak Frog – Ribbit for my son & we’d take it out with us to National Trust properties.

  44. I would choose the Paddle Pak Clown fish for my little girl. She starts school in September for the first time and will be starting swimming lessons so this would be perfect

  45. Would love the shark paddlepak for my son and would take iton our family adventures over the next few months xx

  46. Chuckles the clownfish which I would give my daughter for her upcoming birthday, and we would take it to the beach

  47. I would pick the dolphin and give it to my niece kirsten then we could go to deep sea world, as shes four she would love this

  48. Perfect for my little boys trips to the swimming pool –

  49. I would choose the dolphin, give it to my niece and we would take it to centreparcs when we go next year 🙂

  50. Oh! Sheldon! My daughter is forever putting things on her back to try and be a turtle!

  51. The Octopus Inky for my daughter she could take it out on her daytrips at out of school club

  52. I like the Clown Fish – Chuckles and my daughter would use it to visit her cousins in France.

  53. My daughter would absolutely love the PaddlePak Tropical – Tang as she loves fish and blue is her favourite colour. I am sure that it would go everywhere with us, as she would not want to be parted from it.

  54. i’d choose the PaddlePak Clown Fish – Chuckles for my little boy and im sure he would take it everywhere!!

  55. I love Inky the octopus and I would give it to my daughter Isabella if I won. I think she would love to take it to the zoo as we went on Monday and she keeps talking about the animals 🙂

  56. Pinch the lobster who we would take swimming with us on holiday in October to Great Yarmouth.

  57. I’d choose Pinch the Lobster for my three-year-old daughter who is just starting ‘big girl’ swimming lessons and has a passion for bags!

  58. My daughter would choose the frog one and I am certain that he would come absolutely everywhere with us!

  59. Inky Octopus for Amelia & she would take it to West Midlands Safari Park for a day trip first

  60. I’d choose Inky the octopus for my Daughter, we’d take it to afternoons at the beach!

  61. I would choose pink flo for my 20month old daughter Amelia and we would take it out on many day trips she especially loves the beach though

  62. I would choose the PaddlePak Octopus – Inky for my niece and she’d likely take it to school with her

  63. The PaddlePak Pink – Flo! How adorable!
    My niece is 2,i’d take her to chatsworth house as shes obsessed with princesses and chatsworth looks like a “castle”! 🙂

  64. I would love the shark for my little boy, George. We would use it for when we go swimming 🙂

  65. I would choose the dolphin for my niece to take to the seaside and her swimming lessons.

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