wasgij original 12 mouth of the river

Wasgij Original 12 Mouth of the River solution

It’s been a while since I’ve done some Wasgij puzzles, or any puzzles, but I need to get back to them as I’ve some new releases on order. My latest one was Wasgij Original 12 The Mouth of The River.

wasgij original 12 mouth of the river

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Like all in the Wasgij Original range, to solve the puzzle you need to imagine what the view is looking out of the picture, as though you’re one of the characters. 

Imagine floating up the river, and who might you come across, what disaster could entail. 

The Mouth of the River puzzle took quite a while to complete compared to the newer puzzles. If you’re not keen on puzzles with lots of one colour areas, then you might not enjoy this one so much. But it wasn’t too hard.

If you want to see the Wasgij Original 12 solution just scroll down.  I can also help with tips on how to complete a Wasgij puzzle without having the solution in my step by step guide to Wasgij puzzles.

For ease of completing 1000 piece puzzles I rely on my Portapuzzle*..

I’m onto my next puzzle, but in the meantime I need to start making space and getting rid of my old completed Wasgijs.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles at Amazon or a variety of other high street shops or online puzzle retailers.

wasgij original 12 mouth of the river solution

Let me know how you get on with doing this one.

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