wasgij destiny 14 how times have changed

Wasgij Destiny 14 How Times have Changed! puzzle solution

My Wasgij puzzling has slowed now N’s tennis back on again and that’s 3 days a week we’re out of the house. But I’ve still got a couple to do.  The latest was Wasgij Destiny 14 How Times have Changed, and I’m sharing the puzzle solution.

wasgij destiny 14 how times have changed

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One of the Wasgij Destiny range, rather than creating the box image, you need to imagine what the image on the box would look like in the future.

How times have changed shows a scene back in the 1950s with girls in dresses admiring the cool boys.  But nowadays it would be a totally different picture…just think lots of technology. 

There’s fewer of the traditional characters that appear in many of the Wasgij puzzles, but this one’s still fun to see all the characters and what they’re up to.  The puzzle didn’t take me too long to do – I think I compleed it over 3-4 short sessions. Much faster than some of the previous puzzles I’d completed.

If you need the solution to Wasgij Destiny just scroll down.  Otherwise you can buy Wasgij puzzles* from Amazon or other high street or online stores. 

Don’t forget to check out my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij without the solution will help with future puzzling.

Wasgij destiny how time have changed puzzle solution

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