Wasgij calm on the canal puzzle solution..

Wasgij Original 33 – Calm on the Canal

With lots of people starting puzzling (or doing more puzzles) over the last year while being stuck at home more, puzzles are so much harder to come by. Especially the new releases. Wasgij have been particularly hard to find. I did get hold of Wasgij Original 33 – Calm on the Canal when it first came out, but somehow forgot to post the solution.

Wasgij calm on the canal puzzle solution..

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I love the bright and colourful Wasgij, and this one is bright and has large blocks of colours and objects. This does make Wasgij newer puzzles easier to do than the older ones which are often a lotmore details with smaller parts. But Calm on the Canal was still a nice puzzle to complete.

With the Original range, you’re trying to complete what a character on the box image is seeing. This time you get a serene picture of narrow boats going down the canal. But what chaos is actually happen behind this image?

If you want help in how to complete a Wasgij every time, you can read my step by step guide as to how I complete them (along with all my previous Wasgij solutions). Or scroll down to find the Wasgij Original 33 solution and video.

I always do my puzzles on a portapuzzle on the kitchen table where I’ve plenty of room. I’ve pulled together more accessories some puzzlers find helpful in my puzzle accessories post.

Here’s the solution to Wasgij Original 33 Calm on the canal.

Wasgij original 33 calm on the canal solution
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