penguin onesie

A cute penguin – onesie of the year

I have to say I’m not really a onesie fan.  Well, definitely not on adults, and not for setting foot outside the house, or spending all day in.

On young children, they can look sweet (and I’m talking younger primary age children here).  To me, just the thought of having to strip off to go to the toilet makes me shudder (and reminds me of a pink jumpsuit I used to have at 7 or 8 years old – total 80s child!).

N had a Gruffalo onesie last year which was brilliant for him to put on after a bath, if it was a bit before bedtime.  And perfect for camping….actually maybe onesies are suitable for any children when camping, along with crocs).  But it got holes in, and he’d grown out of it, so it was time to think about getting one again this year.

Because he often sleeps over at the farm, he’ll walk across the drive in his onesie before bedtime so now he’s too big to carry over, he needed a footless onesie.  And it would have to be a furry one because our house can be quite chilly if the fire’s not going.

This year I was really struggling to find a nice one.  I wasn’t sure about a cutesy one again, now that he’s at school.  I spotted a few around that were a bit thin, some with skulls or ‘scary’ patterns (I hate skulls on clothing) and some nicer ones that I couldn’t find in his size.  I asked a colleague who’s 3 children all use onesies for after swim training – I regard her as a bit of a pro (usually it’s me she asks about shops).

I’d asked N if he wanted an animal one or just a normal one, and he was a bit ‘whatever’ about it.

The ones we spotted that looked ok were in Matalan (bear), and a few in Marks and Spencer.  I’d tried Next, BHS, Sainsbury’s and Tescos.  It seems to me that onesies aren’t so popular this year, or if they’re available, must mainly be online.  When I shortlisted the 2 I liked most to N, grey penguin or bear, he straight away asked for the penguin.    So to M&S we went.

We’ve got a new (highly controversial) out of town retail park just opened with a huge M&S on it, but even that was short on sizes.  But N is now the owner of a gorgeous fluffy cute penguin onesie.

cute penguin onesie - looking out the door
Check out the cute tail

I think he loves it.  As soon as we got home, it was put on.  I’ve had to try and stop him putting it on to sleep – he doesn’t seem to understand that he’ll just get way too hot.

penguin onesie

This Children In Need day, the children have non uniform day and are allowed to wear pjs or onesies to school.  I’m not sure if he’ll want to wear the onesie, or if it’ll be too hot.  I guess with pjs underneath he can wear both and strip off the top layer if he gets too hot.

I’d think this is the last time he’ll get away with wearing cutesy onesies.  It does make him look like a little boy again, instead of one that’s rapidly growing up.

Are you a onesie fan?  Do your children rave about them?  Or are we totally behind the times and kids are onto something else now?

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  1. Aww, so cute I love that onsie. It looks super soft, too! And so snugly. I’ll check out M&S for my nieces Xmas pressie I think. She’d love that onsie, hehe. I LOVE the beak, so sweet. xx

  2. That onesie is amazing, I really want one for Leah now! Leah has a peppa pig onesie but because Lewis grows SO fast we are actually struggling to find him a onesie at all at the moment. Thank you for sharing #TT_Thursday

  3. I have to say I really love this onesie! So cute! As lamb is still in nappies I can’t be bothered putting him in onesies as its such an effort to change him! X

  4. I want this onsie for myself! I love them and can’t wait for Aidan to slow down with the growth spurts so he might get more than one wear out of the ones I get for him haha. Hope he enjoyed his Pj/onsie day 🙂 x

  5. I love this penguin! This was one of the all in ones on my shortlist when I was looking for Lucas. He looks fab in it, hope he has a good non uniform day x #TT_Thursday

  6. I’m not a fan of oneies either but both children got one this week for their birthdays. They wanted them to wear after swimming lessons as several of the other children have them, and I’m hoping it will make them quicker so we get home before 7pm.

    I’ve also had to have the conversation about not wearing them in bed, particularly as I got thick ones so the are suitable to wear outside on a winter evening.

  7. I have yet to discover the power of a onesie! Well, unless Babygrows count?!? He looks super cute in this! We know grown men that still wear onesies so you are never too old!! 😉 #TT_Thursday

    1. Or going to the supermarket wear, although there are a lot of people in them. He went into school with the hood up (I stopped him going in with the tail as well) and his teddy. Really cute.

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