Mini England supporter and a new dribble bib

We have a hand-me-down England t-shirt, so of course N has to wear it today.  Plus last time he wore it, England won so I’m hoping it’s a good omen for tonight’s game.

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We’re a little blue, white & red today – his new Skibz dribble bib* (read about it here) and added to that his new Doodles.  He seems to love those even though he’s still got a little bit more room in his SKEANIEs.  We’re waiting for our next order of those to go through – in the next 2 sizes, but at a tenner for the Doodles in the sale it was definitely worth getting some lighter shoes for the ‘summer’!

His new dribble bib looks great.  I love the design, and it seems to be holding up as well as his normal fleece backed ones, and it’s good it goes right up to his neck.  

But I do have a few  niggles about it – it’s not as soft as some of the other cottons and the backing seems a little stiff (may just need washing a couple of times, but I’m a normal mummy who doesn’t wash everything before wearing unless it smells of shop).  The funky covered popper on the back is very cool, but I’d like it to have another popper so the end could get popped up underneath so it’s not hanging down.  It just looks a bit lopsided to me.  But the bonus is, there’s a lot of neck growing room, so if he’s one of those toddlers who dribbles til he’s about 3 (god help us!), then it should last him well.

Dad said he looked like he was going off sailing in his blue & white, but what does he know?!

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