Wroxton Abbey

A solo autumn walk at Wroxton Abbey

It’s getting to the stage now where N wants to be on the farm all the time at weekends. Walks he’s definitely not keen on so Wroxton Abbey was calling me for a solo walk in autumn.

I’m still pushing for him to have a day on the farm and a day out somewhere with me.  But if he’s out and about on the farm early, I’ve not got much say in getting him back to come out where I’d planned.  Roll on the shoot season, then we’ll have Saturdays after swimming to do our own thing because he’s not really big enough yet to go out with them.

One weekend he wanted to go out on the farm again, so I decided I’d just go for a walk myself.  I finally got round to visiting Wroxton Abbey grounds not far from us.

Wroxton Abbey

Wroxon Abbey’s a Jacobean building, now owned by an American University.  But they open the grounds to the public so you can go and walk in the gardens, and round the lake during daylight hours.

Wroxton Abbey sunlight through the archway
through the frame at wroxton abbey

I headed there early on a Sunday morning, so for the hour I was there, I saw no-one else until I was on my way walking back.

traffic light autumn leaf colours

There wasn’t much in the way of autumnal colours but it was still beautiful with the morning sunlight streaming through, and watching the ducks.

ducks on Wroxton Abbey lake
family of swans at Wroxton

There are some beautiful areas to photograph, and I know N would have quite enjoyed the walk.

avenue of trees at Wroxton Abbey

It’s great to have an uninterrupted walk.  Dogs aren’t allowed, so you don’t have to worry about them appearing from nowhere, or wondering whether other dogs are on their leads etc.

reflection in Wroxton Abbey lake
dovecote at Wroxton Abbey

It was a lovely walk and makes me think that I really should go out walking alone more often.  I know we have the farm on the doorstep, but it’s just not the same – I find it boring walking around there on my own, but elsewhere there’s always something interesting to take a look at.

Have you found anywhere interesting near you to walk?

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  1. Oh wow it looks lovely there, we went for a walk at the weekend too. It’s nice to enjoy the outdoors before the weather turns horrible. x

  2. I love going for walks on my own you can find weird and wonderful things to store in your memory bank. These pictures are stunning where is the abbey located.

    1. Thanks Ana. I’ve always tended to walk in towns because I find them more interesting but now I enjoy photography more, I’m finding more value elsewhere too

  3. How lovely to get out alone for a bit, just you and your thoughts, and camera. Lovely photos! I keep meaning to do this, now that the three are all in school, but somehow I never seem to make time for it. You’ve inspired me. I must!

  4. It looks idyllic and I so need to do that, sometimes just go off walking alone.
    I hope N joins you on some more walks and enjoys your company rather than always be on the farm.
    Love the look the place.

    1. It is a lovely place. I usually walk round towns because I think there’s more to see, but now I love my camera, there’s more of an excuse to go out

  5. This looks like a great place to visit, love the style of the building and it looks like the gardens would be beautiful whatever the season x

    1. How bad is it that after driving through wroxton nearly daily for 12 years I’d never been into the main part of the village. It is a lovely place

  6. I’ve not heard of this place before! adding to the list of places I would like to go now. I always enjoy going out for a run or dog walk by myself sometimes. It’s a good way to gather thoughts and unwind in a way that I find difficult to do at home, surrounded by never-ending jobs that need doing.

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