Topsy and Tim Christmas Eve dvd review

Fun dvd for preschoolers – Topsy and Tim’s Christmas Eve

Some of you may remember Topsy and Tim from your childhood.  I remember their names but not much more detail so I think it may have been more my brother’s era than mine.  N did have a couple of the old books out of the library a while back, but it’s the tv show that’s brought them up to date into contemporary children’s lives.

N’s never really been interested in the tv show, but we were sent Topsy and Tim’s Christmas Eve dvd to review and he’s been watching it at any chance he gets.

Topsy and Tim Christmas Eve dvd review

The dvd has 8 episodes on it, including ones about Christmas Eve, school shoes and moving house.  N tells me that he likes the Christmas one the best, but the new house episode is a favourite too.

If you don’t know Topsy and Tim, they’re twin 4-5 year olds, and the show shows them in different everyday stories that could be what pre-schoolers are going through as well.  They show real life situations, although I know them fighting over and then dropping a box of cupcakes would not have finished that calmly and quietly in our house!

N’s been happy to sit through the whole dvd, but I like that the episodes are only 10 to 15 minutes which means they’re perfect for letting children choose one as a treat when there’s nothing else suitable on to watch.

At the end of each episode the twins have a ‘memory game’ which should galvanise watching children to interact a bit more and try and remember the answer to the question they ask.  N’s not one for interacting with tv shows so doesn’t take any notice of these, but other children might like them.

I think N likes this dvd because it’s real children.  He’s not too keen on children’s shows that have cartoon kids on, but anything that’s relatable to his life he seems to like a bit more.

This dvd would make a great gift.  You can get it from Amazon


Disclosure: we were sent the dvd for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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